Whatsapp hack – all about whatsapp hacking and its hacking tools

Whatsapp is one of the most popular messaging platform on which one can share media, photos, views, create a group on it etc.

This application is popular because of its attractive features which are kept on update in a particular period of time. But there are many people who are interested in others whatsapp account and thus it gives origination to whatsapp spy.

I guess, many people want to know the secrets of their close friends which can be only possible through these hacking tools. So, lets’ start a tutorial about whatsapp hacking.


How to hack whatsapp?

This is the first question comes in mind when you are interested in the hacking things. Well, there are two ways through which you can do this and here are they:

1.  MAC address spoofing

MAC stands for Media Access control and through it you can hack your friend Smartphone. Also, if you want to know about MAC then it is like a code or a unique identification code of targeted friend’s phone which protects all the information related to whatsapp.

If you want to hack the account then it is must that you will know the MAC addresses of your phones friend.
So, here is the complete procedure mention below which will teach you step by step about the whole hacking process through which you can hack whatsapp messages:

2. Uninstall Whatsapp

Yes, you have to do it as it is the first step in the whatsapp hacking process. Also, many people afraid of this step as they think that there all information will get lost.

But you don’t have to worry as it will be in your device after you will complete the hacking process. Also, while uninstalling the account, make sure that it is uninstalled properly otherwise it will act as a hindrance in the hacking process.

3. Now its victim phones turn!

In the next step, you will have to take the phone of a targeted person but do not get caught while doing this. Also, this step is important because his/her phone is required for hacking whatsapp account.

Also, while using the targeted phone, make sure that you will not take much time.

4. Locate Mac

This is the step as in it you have to lace this address from the victim’s phone. If you don’t know how to do it then you will get the Mac address in the settings of the targeted phone.

When you dig inside the settings then you will find a twelve digit code in which are divided in six pairs. But one thing about it is that this address is according to the different platform so just make sure that you know the correct steps for it.

5. Find your own mobile MAC address

Now it’s your mobile turns and it is very easy as you are familiar with your phone and find no difficulty in finding it.

So, after you find it in your phone then save it and just keep in that place of your phone here no one able to reach it. After all these things just follow the below listed steps:

• In the next step, you have to spoof both the devices through which you can bale to log in to the account of the victim.
• In the next step, you have go for spoofing app and then download it.
• Now, it’s time to re-install your whatsapp account which is un-installed by you.
• Next, confirmation code should be attained by you from the phone of the victim.
• At last, just change the MAC address of your own mobile and hacking process is completed.

Use MxSpy software

If you are a kind of lazy so spying application is best suited for you.

Also, many people ask as how to hack someones whatsapp messenger by using spy app? Well, here are the ways to do it:

• Get permission from the targeted phone in which you have hack messages. This is important part as without it there are chances that hacking thing didn’t work.
• After it, download MxSpy into target phone.
• Well, the applications which are free mostly have limited features and they are not good as the applications which are not free. So, if you want to hack whatsapp messages you should buy MxSpy Premium or Gold package .
• Before you download the application make sure that you will do all the necessary setting in your phones which are required for spying applications.
• Hacking becomes very easy when someone access your phone easily. So, just keep your screen lock by using password and pattern lock.

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This is all about whatsapp hack plus this tutorial plus meant for only educational purpose so keep this thing in mind.

Hacking is fun only when you take it in that way as do not ever misuse this thing otherwise you will have to face serious problems. So, just go for it but make sure that you do not mess up with this thing.