Tracking a cell phone location just by using the phone number is a very common request. However, it should be clear that this is an illegal process because you are not supposed to access anyone’s computer or phone without their regulation.

You require the permission to track or access the phone or actually own the phone for you to be able to trace or track the cell phone by just a phone number or any other method. You can easily use a primary carrier’s tracking service if you have permission, change the settings of the phone to allow GPS tracking or actually install a special Android app or special IOS.

You might need to hire a professional private investigator if you lack the permission to track the phone or actually own the phone, to track the person instead.

Can I Track A Cell Phone With Just The Cell Phone Number? 

Well, yes it is possible! You’ve seen it in the movie and we are here to tell you that its actually possible. Whenever a phone goes on and the SIM card is live, a small red light starts to blink on the police’s map.

This technique just uses the cell number only without involving any use of GPS or accompanied technology. It is the technique the government uses to track criminals and the question is if a normal civilian can do the same?

While this technique is possible, it is not entirely that possible nor legal for the normal civilians. The most you can do us access their registered address or their individual name, if your phone is not stolen. However, tracking down a person’s location or the phone by just the phone number is legally impossible.

This is why hacking becomes the next option. If you want to track your phone, the good news is that you are within the law. All you have to do is send over a bug to track the location by phone number and the bug does the job for you by easily tracking the location.

How to Hack a Phone Using Number to Track its Location? 

Part 1: Using SS7 Vulnerability 

Using SS7 Vulnerability location tracker

The SS7 vulnerabilities protocol, it becomes easy to hack someone’s phone. The Signaling System 7 is a communications protocol that is used by networks and mobile carriers all over the world. The sole purpose is to allow articulate and accurate billing of services that are performed by the operator network for clients.

When you hack the SS7 you will gain access the same capabilities the mobile operators as well as the intelligence agencies have which makes it considerable. You will have access to unencrypted communications content and metadata that travels through the target’s network. This makes it considerable due to the terms of surveillance.

When you hack using the SS7, you will be able to forward the target’s calls and records as well as listen into their conversations, read their SMSs between other people and also track the location of their food.

You will also be able to bypass other end-to-end encryption provided by services like Telegram, WhatsApp, Facebook etc. due to the encryption workarounds due to the flaw in the two-factor authentications.  This method however, is illegal because you don’t have the authentication of telecommunication services company’s data.

Part 2:  Tracking Location Facebook Accounts With Phone Numbers

You know how Facebook requires you to input your phone number, well, the number isn’t as private as you think. You can actually perform a reverse look-up using Facebook using just the phone number and you will be able to know who the number belongs to.

Tracking Location Facebook Accounts With Phone Numbers

This means that if the target has connected their phone number to their Facebook account, you can be able to find their Facebook account just by using their phone number. With the number, all you need to do is add it in the search box and it will be shown in the search results. You will also be able to view their location through their status lines.

Part 3: Track a cell phone location without them knowing

You can also use MxSpy to someone’s phone using their number. This is because using the GPS coordinates feature, you can be able to know the location of the phone. The app allows you to use the GPS to trace or target the phone.

mxspy phone

It also has features that make hacking every single detail on the target’s phone much easier. It has free and paid versions that let you actively track an iPhone and also control the phone’s software as well as download their data reports.

It will give you the ability to review and check their call logs which comes in handy if you are spying on your kids. You can also be able to access the browsing history as well as text message including the messages deleted. You can also access all the emails they have sent and received as well as their phonebook.

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