WhatsApp Spy

Spying Whatsapp is just one of the features you will get. In reality, you will be able to completely control the desired smartphone and to make almost any adjustments you want. Choosing which apps can be used and which will be uninstalled is an advanced feature, available for the first time in the app! An app can be blocked as well, meaning that user won’t be able to run it anymore.

Acquiring all other types of messages, such as SMS, IM messages and even iMessages is supported as well. A great thing is that all of this is controlled via the control panel remotely, without the need to use the targeted smartphone ever again.
For parents, the app comes with built-in support for photos and videos. All of them can be viewed in the control panel and modified or deleted. Some teenagers use notes and to-do apps to hide their plans. That’s why MxSpy offers an additional feature which will scan and download data from those applications.

How To Read Someones Whatsapp Messages Without Them Knowing

With more than 1 billion users, Whatsapp is the most commonly used app today! Users with Android and Apple devices use the app on a global scale. However, there are a lot of online treats that should be taken into consideration and which should be prevented before they occur. No matter are you an employer or a parent, you will want to get access to the Whatsapp calls and messages. Normally, this isn’t possible, because the app is encrypted and has firewall system constantly active. Luckily, with MxSpy, this is possible and incredibly simple.
If you want to know how to read someone’s Whatsapp messages without them knowing, your next mission would be to download and install the app on a target device. The installation process takes a few minutes and after that, the entire user’s data from target device is available to you 24/7.

Spying without the verification code

How to hack Whatsapp account without verification code is probably your next question. In general, Whatsapp requires a code, sent via SMS to be activated and used, which is hard to get and makes hacking almost impossible. MxSpy bypasses this safety feature, by implementing its own code into the app. Then, it will monitor the activity and log it.

All the data is sent to the encrypted servers. They are loaded with the latest technology and they run on special operating systems, so hacking is literally impossible. As a user, you will have to log into your personal control panel, where Whatsapp calls and messages from the targeted device will be displayed.

MxSpy control panel is actually very easy to use, despite the fact it has a lot of features, which will be mentioned below. In addition, the control panel is constantly available via any web browser and it works perfectly with any internet connection. Besides monitoring, this feature gives you a possibility to control the targeted smartphone.

What All Can You Access?

The WhatsApp spy App gives you access to a lot of information.

  • When the user of the phone changes the SIM card, you are notified.
  • Every time the phone is unlocked, a photo is taken through the front camera and sent to the reports section of your account. This way, you can know who is using the phone.
  • All internet activity is recorded, despite the incognito mode.
  • All the phone conversations are recorded.
  • Any messages, photos, videos or audios sent from the phone are recorded. Even if it deleted from the phone immediately, a record of it is already there in your account.



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How Does It Work?

Once MxSpy App is installed in a phone, you get full access to all the internet related activities, the contacts list and even the GPS location of the phone. Now you can monitor where the person of interest is going, without you having to pry the information out of them. If you are worried about your kid going someplace unsafe or lying to you about their whereabouts, MxSpy is a sure savior.

The free online account helps you monitor the phone from your seat and you can track it any time. There is no limit on how frequently you can access the details or how long you record a phone conversation, etc. this way, you are neither forced to record or listen to everything nor do you have to be calculative about your spying activity.

How To Get The WhatsApp Spy

There is absolutely nothing complicated about it. Follow these steps and start monitoring the targeted phone in no time



Download MxSpy on target phone

install mxspy


Sign up and activate account by entering your Email ID and password .You will get access to control panel (my.mxspy.com).


Start monitor

Now you can go to my.mxspy.com -> login your account and monitor the device or devices without the person’s knowledge.

MxSpy - WhatsApp Spy App

If your target phone is not rooted or jailbreak yet, you must wait longer to see new whatsapp messages. Maybe it takes 1 day more.. It is not just limited to WhatsApp; you can keep track of the person’s movement through the GPS tracker, know about their schedule through the calendar activity and record just about all internet activity.

Now, you will know how frequently your kids or employees are online and using the internet. If your workplace has rules against using internet for any purpose apart from work, this is a great way to know if your employees are abiding the rules. When it comes to kids, you can monitor the amount of time spent online and make necessary rules or changes accordingly.

How Many Phones Can Your Spy On?

MxSpy App allows you to spy on 3 different phones at the same time. The only complication you might face is, to install the WhatsApp Spy apk in all the phones. Once this is done, you can start monitoring all 3 of them.


Why Monitor WhatsApp Communications?


Everyone has a smartphone these days and communication between people, immaterial of the distance between them, is just a breeze. Apart from regular SMS services, you have the internet which offers free messaging services that enables you to communicate with anyone and everyone, absolutely free of cost. One such wonderful App is the WhatsApp.

With just an initial payment to download and install this App, one can send any number of messages, photos, videos and audio files, to anyone across the world. All you need is an internet connection. Though this easy mode of communication can be a boon, it can also be a bane as you cannot control what one can communicate or share.

When you have a child or an employee, you can never control what they are sharing with others. Monitoring your child is very important to ensure they are on the right path and don’t get themselves into trouble. While privacy is important, keeping an eye on that teenager of yours is never a bad idea.

Similarly, with an employee who has access to WhatsApp, you need to be very careful. You can never control what restricted details or data is going out of your office. It can even reach your competitors and harm your business growth.