Spy Text : How to know if he cheating on you ?

Finding Shenanigans of Him!!!

Girls are inbuilt with an instinctive character to feel if her boyfriend/husband is cheating on her. If your gut feeling warns you about a cheating partner, more often than not, it could be true. Dr Oz, a well-known health expert says that “More than 50% of all men have cheated in a love relationship”. So let’s find out for real if your partner is cheating on you.


Reasons for cheating:

Before finding out if your boyfriend is cheating, let’s find the reasons.

. Biological Reasons:

Biologically, men are programmed to have as many off springs as possible. This adds weight to the belief that majority of the men cheat on their partners, with one or more people. Along with increased testosterone levels, a scientific study also confirms there is a cheating gene which makes men more likely to cheat.

. Other Reasons:

Everything cannot be blamed on biology. There are other reasons for men to be unfaithful too. Power, money and opportunities increase the testosterone. Men with power and money also tend to attract other women. Men who interact more with other women on a regular basis have a lot of opportunities to cheat.

It is not always the men who are at fault. Sometimes, it is the way they are treated by their partner that leads them to the cheating path. When a man feels unappreciated or lonely despite being in a relationship due to emotional disconnect, etc, he may end up cheating on his partner, when he meets the other woman who pays attention to him.

Watch Out For These Signs

Before finding out if your boyfriend is cheating, let’s find the reasons.

. Reduced Contact:

The first sign which screams loud is when men show less interest or avoid physical and emotional contact

. Increased Arguments  & Fights:

Men who pick up fights or start arguments for simple reasons, or starts criticizing more for no reason are indicators.

. Spending more time on gadgets:

Suddenly he seems to spend more time on his phone or laptop, for chatting, texting and voice calls, especially when in private. When questioned, they cannot give you a convincing answer or it just leads to more fights.

. Increased Social Outing:

There seems to be a sudden rise in outing with colleagues, friends, etc. His office hours seem never ending.

. Unreachable

He becomes unreachable once out of home and some of the excuses could be more meetings, phone battery dies soon, or there was no signal and takes forever to return your calls and messages.

. Unknown calls/numbers

There is a sudden spike in the number of wrong calls and the call history is loaded with unsaved numbers

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