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Spy on Text Messages with MxSpy

tick_greenMonitor’s your target phone’s text message being received or sent messages.

tick_green To Check and read the message

tick_green To get all received and senders numbers and names.

tick_green Get the date and time stamps of each text message.

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MxSpy is one of the popular mobile phone tracking app for BlackBerry, Android, and iOS .

The application can also help you monitor teenagers, employees, and kids. You can easily install the app on mobile phones. With this software, you can record all the information on the mobile, and you can store them in your MxSpy account at

With MxSpy you can easily spy on mobile text messages .

  • If you want to know your kids’ activities, and if you want to check what kind of text messages they are sharing with the friends, then you just need to install this amazing spy app.
  • This app can help you get the text messages, and just with one tap, you can see almost everything happening in your kids mobile and what kind of messages they are sharing. 
  • This application allows you to spy everything on the mobile and the best thing is, you don’t need the mobile device to spy on your kids’ text messages.

MxSpy is an amazing mobile phone spy app

  • The MxSpy is developed to provide accurate results as it comes with amazing features that go beyond your expectations.
  • The company is specialized in providing amazing applications that have been helping several concerned parents, employers and providing secure information by sms tracker .
  • MxSpy is a unique app as it offers advanced spy features and to get the information on your kids or any other individual’s mobile phone, you actually do not need the mobile device to spy on text messages.
  • This app helps you get the required data remotely by using another cell phone and send it your cell phone or Smartphone, tablet, or any other device that is connected to the internet.

MxSpy comes with 25 + features and around 14 other applications that permit an individual to check or monitor everything that takes place on the other individuals’ mobile phone


How Does It Work?


tick_green Download the app at  The MxSpy installer installs the app on your mobile browser.


tick_green Once the app is downloaded, go to your app case and click the downloaded APK file verify the installation.

tick_green Click the register button to register a new account. If you have already registered for a new account, then, just login to join the mobile phone to your account.

Start Tracking

tick_green To start monitoring the mobile device text messages Login to and check   collecting data on your target phones

Spy on text messages – Remote Access

tick_green MxSpy is a mobile device text message spy application that gives accurate information, even without a mobile phone and it works remotely.

tick_green This spy application gets a text message from your target’s phone and stored in your online account so that you can easily check the messages directly through your cell phone, or tablet or Smartphone or in any other device that is connected to the internet.

tick_green You can receive the text messages along with the time and date that the message was transported on the target device, and you can receive the entire content of the message.

tick_green Also, you can monitor the cell numbers so that you will exactly from which number the message came and to which number it was sent.

Old and Deleted Text Messages

tick_green In case, the individual that you want to monitor deletes text messages after they receive or sent, then the answer is MxSpy software.

tick_greenThis application can actually recuperate all deleted text messages from the mobile phone.

tick_green This app can dig out all text messages, which were deleted recently or a year ago, this is because, when the individual try to delete the sent or received text messages,

the app will capture the message immediately and stores it in your account and so that you can check at any time.  So, get this app today and get control of the situation immediately.

Spy on text messages Sceen Short

Why Choose MxSpy?

  • The MxSpy utilities will report the individual search keywords, including “pregnancy”, “suicide”, and “sex” or it can receive the text message based on those words,

this can alert the parent if their kid is going in the wrong direction and it can help them take precaution in an early stage.

  • The employer can track their employees’ website visited and email transmissions so that they can avoid getting deceived from their own company’s employees.
  • MxSpy app furtively and continuously monitors text messages, GPS location, Calls, Photos, Websites Visited, Videos, and also it monitors social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook and etc, that happens on a cell phone.
  • The MxSpy best text message spy apps allow you get untraceable calls on the target phone and the individual who does not have any monthly fees, these special features are not available in every spy app, but MxSpy is specially designed with these kind of features to help people to get control of their kids and employees before any catastrophe occurs.
  • Smartphones such as Apple’s iPhone, Google’s Android allows people to continue conversations in privacy, but when you want to know what’s going on and if you want to know, then it is not easy to find unless you have a MxSpy installed on your mobile phone.
  • This spyware can help you spy on mobile phone text messages and calls.

tick_green Now, getting secret or sensitive information become an easy process, and everybody knows that the cell phone store all our details, so it is easy to look for the information about individual activities and other things just through the to their cell phone.

tick_green The Applications like MxSpy delivers through digital download and it activates on the target mobile device just within minutes. This app offers a large range of features that can easily persuade even the very talented minds