27 August 2017
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How to Spy On Someones Phone without Touching It?

Do you need to keep tab on someone’s phone but worried as you can’t be around the device all the time?

Of course it’s a busy world today and you also have other works to do. But then how to spy on someones phone without touching it? Well, you have MxSpy for you here. It’s a renowned phone spy app that operates in a stealth mode and is 100% undetectable.

Once you install the app in the target phone, you will start getting tracked data from the phone even when the phone and you are in two different buildings.

Precisely, no longer would you need to touch the target phone to spy on it.

The data would be conveyed to your MxSpy account through internet connection. The app works for both Android and iPhone models.

So, how would you spy on the target phone with MxSpy ?

Much to your delight, the app is designed to get you complete account of the activities carried through the phone by user.

Here goes a brief-

Anything you want to know about calls, SMS and phone book

MxSpy gives you complete account of everything related to phone calls, SMS messages and phone book of the phone. You will get reports on-

  • Both incoming & outgoing calls. You will get full details including time, duration, contacts etc.
  • The same is true for both SMS messages sent and received.
  • You will have the ability to record the conversation of incoming and outgoing calls which you can download and listen to later.
  • All the contacts on the phone book of the phone.

Everything about phone multimedia and apps

MxSpy will give you complete access to all kinds of multimedia files stored in the phone.

Moreover, you will even have idea about the app usage history of the phone.

In fact, MxSpy users even have the ability to block some of the apps for the phone if they want to.

Anything about internet browsing

The leading spy app even reports the online browsing activities carried through the target phone.

Whether you want to know which sites were visited by the site or what reactions the user expressed on social media sites- the spy app will reveal to you everything.

Discloses the GPS location

MxSpy can track the GPS location of the phone where it has been installed.

Thus, you can easily track down the location of the phone (and also that of the user) from miles away.

Listen and record ambient sound of the phone

If you want to get a real feel of the surrounding of the present location of the phone, you can listen and record the ambient sound of the device.

Go to the control panel of your MxSpy account and click on Start button.

However, it would need steady internet connection to complete the process.

In case, the connection is not stable, the app allows you to make spy call to the phone.

The call would be received automatically unbeknownst to the user. You can then easily listen to whatever is happening around.

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