27 August 2017
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Spy App for Android without Target Phone

How to Make the Most of Spy App for Android without Target Phone?

Spying is not always unethical. In fact, at times it helps to uncover the hidden truths which otherwise could bring havoc in your life.

For example, let’s say you have a feeling that your teen is in unwanted company. But you cannot confront him directly as it might take an adverse turn. spy app for android without target phonewon’t need you to be in the vicinity of the target phone to monitor it.
You just have to install the app in the target phone once and then you can monitor it remotely without touching the phone.

The user would have to create a MxSpy account and all the tracked data by the app (through internet) will be reported in his app account.

Let’s see how you can make the most of the app.<

Complete history on call records and contact book

MxSpy will let you access complete history of call records of the target phone. You will get to know about the call duration, call time, contact name etc.

You will even have access to call records that had been previously deleted.

Then, the spy app for android without target phone will offer you complete details of the address book of the target phone.

Ability to record phone calls

Thanks to MxSpy , you will be able to have complete recording of the outgoing and incoming calls done and received from the target phone. Don’t worry, the recordings can be downloaded so that you can listen to them later when you are free.

Report on both SMS & Instant Messenger messages

Messages (both SMS and Instant Messenger Messages) dominate a huge volume of communication today. It’s especially true in case of teens and youngsters. Thus, MxSpy allows the users to have complete data of SMS & Instant Messenger messages sent and received by the target phone.

Complete internet browsing and app history

MxSpy will reveal to you the entire internet browsing history of the target phone. You will have explicit records on which sites were visited by the phone and the activities done in those respective sites. It includes browsing activities on social media sites. The same detailed report will be provided on app usage history.

Ability to block

Thanks to MxSpy , you can even block off some of the sites and apps for the target phone if you do not deem them to be fit for your teen son.

And yes, MxSpy works in a stealth mode. Your teen will have no inkling that he is being monitored.

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