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Are you an employer looking to monitor your employees’ activities or are you a parent looking to monitor your teenager’s activities? MxSpy Phone App is the latest android spy software developed to optimize your security and the safety of your loved ones. We have built this app to meet all the standards of hidden spy apps for android. It includes some of the latest features and is easy to use. Interestingly, MxSpy Phone App is also undetectable. We have designed it to be user-friendly to ensure that even a novice is able to track the whereabouts of his loved ones or employees without going through a hard time.

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Hidden spy apps for android

With the MxSpy Phone App installed, you will be able to monitor all the activities on the target phone. You will be able to view:

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    The call history
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    GPS location
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    Telephone directory
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    Messages, videos, and photos.
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    You will also be able to access conversations from popular social media applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, Skype, Line, KIk, Snapchat and the targeted individual will not even suspect it.

How Does MxSpy Phone App Work?

You have to download it on the target mobile phone or tablet in that manner. Once the download completes, you can install the spy app on the target phone and activate your account.

You have to download it on the target mobile phone or tablet in that manner. Once the download completes, you can install the spy app on the target phone and activate your account.

To commence tracking, however, you are required to login to our website: my.mxspy.com. See, it is that easy. All you have to do is follow the three steps and you are good to go.

Spy app for android undetectable free

The plus side to using the MxSpy Phone App is that it is undetectable. This means that the targeted individual will be oblivious of your actions when you use our invisible work mode. With this app, you can enable and disable hidden activity by simply using the default number in the app’s dashboard. The bottom line for using android spy apps is working in stealth mode, and our app delivers that. The MxSpy app also gives you optimum control to ensure that you are the only one that has access to the target phone’s activities. You can change the default password and set the password of your own liking. 

Awesome Features of Android Spy Apps 

The MxSpy app is nothing short of flawless. We have installed some of the best features to ensure successful monitoring of your child or employees’ activities.

Track the text messages

When you install our application, you will be able to track all the conversations that the target individual has made with his or her messaging app. The access the app gives you enables you to read the text messages as if they were sent from your phone. Not only will you read the messages, but also see the date and time that a message was sent and the details of the sender. We have developed the app to be fully effective because you can also read the conversations that have been deleted.

Access all multimedia files

You can easily view the target phone’s multimedia files such as GIFs, photos, audios, and video files using the MxSpy app. Our app also gives you access to the hidden media files. You can access and download all the media files through dashboard online. Besides the media files, the MxSpy app also allows you to view the to-do-list and the calendar of the target phone. If the user downloads a new file, you will be notified by the MxSpy app.

Gain access to call logs and record calls

We have developed the MxSpy app to enable you to view all the call details of the target phone. The app allows you to view the call logs, including the time and date a call was made or received. You can also collect the details of the individual contacted at ease. In addition, you can record the calls made from the target phone and save them for later use. MxSpy app also allows you to access the contact list on your teenagers or employees’ phones.

Monitor online activities

Our app is also designed to help you monitor all the internet activities on the target phone. Using MxSpy app, you can check bookmarks, view browsing history, and the date and time a specific website was visited. This feature is mostly beneficial to concerned parents who would like to monitor the internet activities of their teenagers. Our app will allow you to ensure that your child uses the internet appropriately. You wouldn’t want your child’s web activities to only comprise of visits to adult websites.

Monitor social accounts

We have built our app to give you access to the target phone’s social accounts such as Facebook, WhatsApp, and Snapchat. We understand that social accounts can tell you a lot about an individual. Our app allows you to monitor what the target individual has been posting online and the comments he or she makes and receives. With the app, you have access to all the social account activities, including the conversation the individual makes with his or her social media contacts.

View the GPS location

​If you would like to know the whereabouts of your teenager or employee, you should consider installing our spy app. Our app allows you to remotely monitor the location of the user’s phone via the dashboard. You will be able to view the current location of the individual as well as the date and time of the locations he has visited.

Free spy apps for android without target phone

These features can help you track all the activities of your target’s phone. The only downside is that installing the app on the target’s phone puts you at risk of being identified. That is why we developed the spy app for android without target phone to enable you to spy on your child or employee without fear of being identified.

Get Free Trial MxSpy

If you want to spy on your mischievous teenager or your employees, download the MxSpy app today and enjoy a 2-day free trial.

Note: Tracking any individual without his/her permission is illegal. MxSpy does not support any such activity and strictly recommends legal tracking for employers and Parents.

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