Free hidden sms tracker without installing on target phone 2017

For those looking for hidden SMS tracker, there are different applications in the market to help out.

But, it is important to choose a dependable application.

If you have been searching for a hidden SMS tracker application, there are many such applications out there in the market.

But, selection of the best app is really a tough task. Most important requirement is that the target phone user should not know that such an application is loaded on his/her phone.

The application should work on the background and should continue to send the information about the SMSs sent and received from and to the target phone.

The best SMS Tracker Application for cell phone:

As you have been looking for an SMS Tracker Free, you can go for the MxSpy application.

Even though this is a paid application, you can use it for free for 2 days as the creators of this application offer a 2-day free trial.

This means that you can use the trial version for two days without paying anything and then go for paid version with the complete set of features.

Get Hurry – It’s Free

Why use MxSpy?

When there are many hidden SMS Tracker applications, you might be wondering why you should choose this app. Here are some of the reasons why it is worthy to choose this app for your SMS tracking needs:

  • This app has so far helped many employers to keep track of their employees.
  • Furthermore, many parents are able to keep an eye on their teenage child using this application.
  • In addition, it has helped many spouses to identify their cheating partners.

For these reasons, you can opt for the MxSpy as the ideal application not just for your SMS tracking needs, but you can also keep a watch on the other activities taking place on the target phone.

How will this application help?


The first thing you should do is to download the application on the target phone :


Then, you should install this cell phone application to the target phone to which it was downloaded

Start Tracking

Once the installation is done, the application will start recording all the activities inclusive of SMS activities taking place on the target phone.


Costs less than your daily cup of coffee!

Excellent set of features

One of the important reasons why many people use MxSpy is the excellent set of features that the application come loaded with. Most importantly, some features are unique to the application that users cannot find in similar apps available in the market. Let us explore some features here:


 MxSpy can be the best choice because with this application installed on the target phone, you can read all the incoming and outgoing text messages. In addition, the easy conversion view will help with easily reading the text messages.


Besides providing SMS tracker free, MxSpy will also help with effective monitoring of calls. In addition to viewing the call logs of received and made calls to and from the target phone, you can also view the date and time stamp along with duration details of the calls as well.


In addition, with this application on the target phone, you can get to know the whereabouts of the target phone user through the GPS location tracking feature offered by MxSpy.

Frequently Asked Questions

questionSMS Tracker without installing on target phone – it can be done?


The answer:

Most of the software online that advertises that you do not need to actually have the target device are false.

Most of them will make you pay for their software and then tell you that you need to download the software to the target phone.

The only thing that can be done remotely is the monitoring, which is set up after you have downloaded the software to the target phone.

So, be careful when you see remote monitoring or spying for they are talking about this time of process.

With Mxspy you can use trial Free and just pay when you satisfied

What does your child or employee views of the web?

Yes, you can get to see the web browsing history of the target phone user.

If the phone belongs to your teenage son, you can feel assured that your son does not visit any unruly sites.

Similarly, if you are an employer, you can get to know whether the employees visit some sites that are not at all relevant to the job.

Also, most organizations do not want their employees to engage in social media activities at work.

Employers can keep a watch on the same with MxSpy installed on the phone of employees.


So, not just to keep track of the messages sent and received from and to the target phone, you can get to know many other things when you opt for MxSpy. Also, once the application is installed you need not gain access to the target phone and every data can be obtained remotely using MxSpy.

Costs less than your daily cup of coffee!