Functionality-related Questions

How do I start monitoring the target phone or tablet?
You can start monitoring by logging into your MxSpy account from Control Panel

How long will it take for data to be uploaded to my account?
You have to wait at least 15 minutes to review first recorded data in condition target phone has internet connection always. If target phone only have internet connection some times, you may have to wait longer.

Can MxSpy access deleted text messages?
All post backup text messages, SMS and iCloud messages can be accessed with MxSpy even if they are deleted from the target device. Any data that is deleted prior to backup cannot be retrieved.

Can MxSpy access SMS & IM CHATS like WhatsApp, Facebook,….?
If you are monitoring an Android device, capturing incoming instant messages WhatsApp, facebook, Viber, skype, BBM, hangouts,line, Kik, snapchat works on rooted devices only

Can I monitor data from my own phone?
Yes, you can remotely monitor target phone or tablet from your own phone, too. However, for best monitoring experience, we do not recommend monitoring through phone.

Is there a data upload limit on MxSpy software?
No, there is no data upload limit and you can enjoy unlimited storage on your MxSpy Control Panel.

How do I check target phone and tablet usage stats?
Do I get MxSpy upgrades?
Once you log into your MxSpy Control Panel, you can check all uploaded data categorized under relevant tabs. Navigate within the tabs to check phone call logs, SMS, IM chats, web browsing data and location stats.

Do I have to reinstall the app if the target phone or tablet gets a software update?
Yes, you will receive MxSpy updates from time to time. You will have to reinstall the application on target phone or tablet to get the best experience.

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