Technology for obtaining user’s data was originally developed for the needs of the CIA and NSA, and it is truly remarkable.

Due to specific method how it works, this technology is also known as hacking tools.

What if we tell you that using the same technology as the mentioned agencies above is possible?

Now, it is possible to hack a phone in a matter of minutes and to get all the data you need.

The process is simple and safe, so even an average user can use it.

If you want to protect loved ones, hack a phone and raise the protection to a completely new level.

How to hack a phone without them knowing

All you will ever need to hack a phone: The MxSpy App

MxSpy has been created by developers used to work for some of the largest safety companies in the United States.

That’s why it is extremely popular and reliable.

The app offers more than 30 different features, all developed with the same goal, to ensure 100% smartphone hacking and therefore allow the user to obtain data and information from the targeted device.

Note: The targeted device is a term used for a smartphone where the app which will be installed; from which it will gather data.

As we mentioned above, MxSpy has plenty of features, but here we will mention the most important ones.

They are:

  • Call tracking

Listen to all the calls in real time.

Recording them is possible as well.

You will also be able to obtain caller’s ID.

  • Spy on SMS 

All SMS messages sent from the targeted device and received will be visible in the control panel.

Even provider’s promotion SMS are visible.

  • Track GPS Location

This is one of the advanced features, allowing you to remotely turn on the GPS and acquire the exact location of the smartphone and its owner in real time.

It is commonly used to locate children and spouses.

  • Spy On WhatsApp 

Be able to read Whatsapp messages and listen to the calls.

In both cases, the phone number of caller or sender is visible.

  • Spy On Snapchat

All photos and data from Snapchat will be visible in your panel.

This feature also has a real time update.

  • Spy On Facebook

Statuses, messages, pokes, tags and etc. is visible. In essence, all the data related to Facebook and users will be visible.

 View Photos and Videos- The entire gallery of a phone will be available in the control panel.

Viewing and modifying the data, including deleting them (videos and photos) is allowed.

  • Remote Control

With the app you can lock, unlock the smartphone, prevent certain apps to work and activate camera or microphone.

 Deleting apps is a useful addition as well, which can prevent unwanted apps to run on a targeted device.

All of the mentioned features are the most commonly used ones, but the app is packed with additional ones, needed for different purposes and for specific situations.

How Mxspy app work?​​​​

Term hacking is associated with using code to penetrate the firewall and protection of a device.

There is no point in mentioning how complicated this procedure is and that there are no legal ways you can use to learn the skill!

Mxspy app is designed to offer full-hacking results, but at the same time to be extremely simple to use.

Average users won’t have issues using it for any purpose they may have in mind.

From start to end, all you will have to do is:

Please follow these simple steps:




Download the app on the targeted device. These requires access to the device no longer than 5 minutese.




Open Mxspy app and follow the installation guide. Once the app is installed, no further access to the device is required.



Start Tracking.

At you will be able to log into your personal control panel. Here, all active features and all the obtained data will be visible and gathered in real time. From here, you can also remotely control the targeted device, such as deleting data, locking apps and etc.

We must mention that the app never reveals its presence in the smartphone.

This means that the owner of the device won’t get notifications, alerts nor even be able to see the app icon.

For Android users, it should be added that Mxspy won’t be visible in application settings. App constantly works in the background and can use slow internet connection (EDGE) to operate.

Get Your FREE MxSpy Trial Now!

The app is available as a trial, meaning that you can download it now, use it until you see how it really works and only then decide do you want to purchase it.

Start your download here:


None of other methods allow you this advantage, so we can say that Mxspy app is the safest in multiple ways, as a way to hack a smartphone and as an investment.

At this moment, Mxspy app is the safest and the most effective way to obtain data from a smartphone of your child, spouse or an employee.

It cannot be detected, but it will always gather all the information you need to ensure the protection and discover trust breach of important people in your life.

Are you ready to control and protect your loved ones and employees?

Hack a cell phone and protect your children

The internet is an interesting place and smartphones made access easier than ever.

Unfortunately, it is also a place where dangers and criminals are common! Our children, especially teenagers are the easy targets.

Most of the crimes begin with simple SMS, online chats and etc.

Even more severe, pedophiles use online chats to find their victims, by presenting themselves as children!

Police and different agencies monitor those websites, but sadly it isn’t enough to prevent the danger completely!

As a parent, you have a legal and moral responsibility to protect your children. The first thing to do is to obtain private data from their smartphones.

Here you will learn how to hack a cell phone of your child and ensure his safety.

Hack into someones phone in order to discover the truth from your spouse

Do you want to learn how to hack into someones phone?

Using a simple app which will be mentioned here is the best way to hack a smartphone of your spouse.

This is more important than you can imagine, simply because more than 60% of spouses commit infidelity at some point.

More than 3% of children in marriages are the product of infidelity!

Men and women are likely to cheat more if they are under stress, which is common nowadays.

If you have noticed something suspicious about your spouse, hacking the smartphone is the best way to discover the truth.

Hack Android phone remotely to protect your business secrets

All business owners should know that if they want to know how to protect their business and business secrets, they must know how to hack Android phone remotely.

This technology allows you to obtain shared information between your employees and third parties.

It is the first line of defense when it comes to business betrayal and sensitive data corruption.

Employees can also be monitored in order to get a better idea about their work productivity, which afterward can be improved.

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