Is There Any Android App to Spy and Secretly Record Voice Calls?

Being able to use an Android app to record phone calls secretly on someone else’s smartphone paves the way for many spying scenarios.

For example, you can secretly monitor the smartphones of employees whom you suspect as disgruntled.

Similarly, as a parent, you can keep an eye on your teen if you believe him or her to be in a bad company. Further, it also becomes possible to catch disloyal spouses.

A hidden call recorder on the suspect’s smartphone does the job that you intend without giving a hint to its user that you or the recording app is tracking all the calls.

Yes, you and the app remain in stealth mode, which forms the base of the concept of call spy. On such app to consider for Android phones is MxSpy.

Overview of MxSpy

With MxSpy, you can now effortlessly record calls on someone else’s mobile and listen at your own convenience from the coziness of your computer that is remote from that phone.

While there are many spying apps, this one seems to come with a range of stunning feature set, which makes it stand from the horde of spying apps.

For spying a call, you need three things namely, access to that person’s Android smartphone, a spying app, and 15-20 minutes of installation, which varies as per the phone’s make and model.

After installing MxSpy, it acts as a hidden call recorder and starts recording all calls on the target phone.

MxSpy is not only an Android app to record phone calls secretly but also an Android app to track almost all phone activities.

Apart from calls, it is capable of recording all other phone activities such as exchanging chat messages, SMSs, and MMSs; browsing the Web; and checking e-mails.

Call Spy Features of MxSpy

This app easily monitors and records all phone calls, both incoming and outgoing. It also keeps call logs of all these calls along with the missed calls.

In these logs, you can see details such as duration of call along with the date and time of each call.

This is regardless of whether the user of the phone was a caller or a callee.

Apart from acting as a hidden call recorder, MxSpy also acts as a hidden call tracker.

This is because it keeps a record of call history, recordings, and call locations.

With these details, you can keep an eye on calls from any remote location such as home or office.

Besides the normal phone calls, the app even watches out for WhatsApp calls.

If the user makes a call through WhatsApp, it easily records it as well.

The app also keeps a track of its chats, contacts, and phone location at the time of making a call.

Similarly, the app can track calls made through other calling apps such as Skype, Viber, and Facebook.

This makes it the most comprehensive call spy. While the phone’s user is on Facebook app, this spy app tracks its calls, chats, and phone location.

Similarly, MxSpy keeps an eye on the calls, contacts, and chats on Viber and Skype.

MxSpy is also Hangouts tracker. In other words, it oversees Google Hangouts, tracks call and messages, and accesses the contact list, messages, and photos to keep its log.

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Other Spy Features

Here are some more handy spying features of MxSpy:

  • Multimedia Tracker: Snaps the camera, takes screenshots, and accesses notes, photos, and videos.
  • Internet Activity Monitoring: Keeps a track of all sites viewed and bookmarks made.
  • GPS Location Tracker: Reveals the real-time GPS location of the phone at any point of time and maintains location history.
  • KeyLogger: Records all keyboard strokes that a user makes on the spied phone.
  • Remote Access: Monitors and blocks installed apps and updates, and restricts calls.
  • Calendar and Address Book Tracker: Logs in calendar activities and keeps an eye on the list of contacts.
  • Telegram Tracker: Obtains full access to Telegram contacts and all its conversations.
  • Remote Control: Allows controlling the spied phone from a remote place and gives full support in doing so.
  • Notification Sender: Sends alerts on geo fencing, SIM change, and entry in prohibited location.
  • Auto Answering: Answers a call or a message on its own, which is great for keeping risks at bay.

Using MxSPY

With this comprehensive hidden call recorder, all threats coming from calls can be put away. To do so, it takes only four simple steps:


Using target phone download mxspy app at :


Install MxSpy app on target phone and activate your account ( you can sign up account when install)

Start Tracking

To start monitoring the mobile device text messages Login to and check   collecting data on your target phones.