2 Methods To Hack Whatsapp Account 2017

Hack into the knowledge of “how to hack Whatsapp account?” with these 2 methods

This present digital age has been evolving in leaps and bounds, and this literally has made people closer than their imagination.

You will agree to the fact that social media platforms have become an integral part of your lives.

Apart from Facebook and Instagram, Whatsapp has been an innovating inception.

For personal or professional reasons, it has proved itself to be a wonderful messaging app.

However, there are some people who search the internet on “How to hack Whatsapp account?” and look for methods to snoop around other accounts.

Here are the top 2 methods with whose help you can easily hack into any individual’s Whatsapp account without their knowledge.

2 staggering methods on how to hack Whatsapp account?

Here are the 2 simplest methods with which you can hack into your friend’s Whatsapp account or keep a tab on your employees frequently using Whatsapp at workplace.

I. The “do it yourself method” – MAC Spoofing

MAC or Media Access Control address is a unique identifier of 12 characters.

When a WIFI device (usually smartphones) is connected to WIFI, MAC assigns itself to the device’s network adapter.

To hack a Whatsapp account, it is imperative that you are aware of your friend’s or employees MAC address.

So moving forward, here are the steps:

1. The initial step involves into uninstalling your Whatsapp account. Don’t be worried as you can reinstall your account after your hacking procedure is complete.

2. Next, you need to acquire the smartphone of that particular person whose account you wish to hack.

3. Go to the ‘About phone’ section. From there you can get the device’s MAC address. This usually comprises of 6 digit pairs looking something like (01:37:54:82: dp). Now your answer for finding MAC address on “how to hack Whatsapp account?” in this section will vary from device to device.

• For Windows Phone, the first step is to go device settings. Then you need to click on ‘About.’ Next, you need to click ‘More info,’ which will take you to MAC Address.

• For an Android phone, this process is simple. Its flow is direct where you need to Settings, then ‘About phone.’ Moving ahead, you need to click ‘Status’ where you can see MAC Address.

• In case of iPhone, after going to ‘Settings,’ you need to click ‘General,’ then ‘About.’ This will finally lead you to MAC address.

4. Following this same process, you need to find your smartphone’s MAC address.

5. Here begins the main work where in place of your MAC address you have to input the other person’s MAC address.

6. Now you need to download spoof software and install it on your victim’s smartphone.

7. You can reinstall your account now. When Whatsapp asks for your phone number, you need to input your victim’s number. Take the confirmation code which your victim’s phone will receive.

8. As a final touch, change MAC address to what it was earlier to avoid any detection.

II. Spy software

This is one of the easiest methods and your answer to “how to hack Whatsapp account?” See it for yourself.

1. Try gaining permission to monitor the smartphone of your victim or victims.

2. If you have purchased good spy software, install it.

3. After following its instruction, next step involves configuring it.

4. Viola! You have initiated its tracking process.

MAC spoofing is a time-consuming method whereas using good spy apps can save a lot of your time and brain racking. Where current market is full of quality hacking apps, excellent spy apps like mxspy.com can complete the entire process in few minutes. Now as you have your answers for “how to hack Whatsapp account?” what’s keeping you waiting?


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