Most crimes nowadays begin with the online data mining. In a case of teenager-related crimes, almost all of them are related to the internet. At least they begin in this way.

The next fact that must be mentioned is that Whatsapp has been used for some of the biggest crimes in the previous year! As such, getting an insight into which needs Whatsapp is used by your child is essential in order to ensure his protection!

Till today, this meant that a parent must take the smartphone and read the messages. Now, the situation is different. You will now know hack Whatsapp messenges without access to phone

How to hack someones whatsapp without their phone?

The answer is based on the all-new The MxSpy whatsapp spy app. All you have to do is to install it on the targeted device. The app is developed for Android and iOS devices. It works root or jailbreaking and it logs almost any data that comes to the phone or is sent from it. As the administrator of the app, you will be able to check and control all of that data in real time.

Why Choose MxSpy WhatsApp Spy App?

1. Track WhatsApp Chats Remotely

MxSpy allows you to monitor all the chats in the Whatsapp, but also to view photos and videos from the chats and times when messages were sent or received.

Phone numbers of the senders and recipients are viewable as well. In essence, everything a user of the Whatsapp can do, you will be able to do as well, remotely.

We say remotely because reading the messages is done from any computer with internet connection. All you have to do is to log in on the official website and check the control panel. Obviously, the control panel can be viewed on a smartphone, via a web browser.

2. Internet activity monitoring

Teenagers use the internet for almost everything. Pornography, banned websites are just the beginning of this huge issue. As a parent, you will want to prevent that.

MxSpy simply monitors the web history, time and date of visited websites and additional activities, such as downloads or uploads.

The next step is to limit the internet freedom of the targeted smartphone. You can block certain websites or the complete internet access, which is useful during school hours.

3. GPS tracking

Each smartphone has a GPS, a feature that uses satellites to determine the position of the device. The app can activate the GPS and acquire the location. In a case of emergency, this feature is truly a life saver.

4.  Cannot be detected

MxSpy is based on a root-related OS code. It means that there isn’t software today that can detect the app, simply because once installed, it will become a part of the operating system running on that device.

Another fact is that the app doesn’t run like conventional applications, so there won’t be notifications, sounds or anything that may reveal its presence.

The internet data usage is below 2%, meaning that  MxSpy won’t be noticed in increased internet activity.

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