General Questions

What is MxSpy?

How does it work?

Is MxSpy app invisible?

What devices are compatible with MxSpy?

Do I need to have physical access to the phone or tablet I want to monitor?

Is it legal to use MxSpy?

How to get started?

Purchase – Related Questions

How do I buy MxSpy Software?

How long does it take to get the software after purchasing Mxspy?

Are my credit card details safe with MxSpy?

Will MxSpy show up on my credit card bill?

How can I get a refund if I’m not happy with Mxspy ?

How long does it take the software to be shipped?

I have purchased the MxSpy software but haven’t received the email for installation instructions, what do I do?

Installation-related Questions

How to Install Mxspy Software?

What do I need to install MxSpy software on target phone or tablet?

Can I install MxSpy software on more than one smartphones or tablets?

Can the target phone or tablet holder uninstall the software without my consent?

How to uninstall the MxSpy application?

Functionality-related Questions

How do I start monitoring the target phone or tablet?

How long will it take for data to be uploaded to my account?

Can Mxspy access deleted text messages?

Can MxSpy access SMS & IM CHATS like WhatsApp, Facebook,….?

Can I monitor data from my own phone?

Is there a data upload limit on Mxspy software?

How do I check target phone and tablet usage stats? Do I get MxSpy upgrades?

Do I have to reinstall the app if the target phone or tablet gets a software update?