27 August 2017
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Cell Phone Spy Without Access To Target Phone

Is It Possible To Conduct Cell Phone Spy Without Access To Target Phone?

The word “spy” immediately churns up memories of a dashing 007 stealthily sneaking behind dangerous criminals to discover high profile secrets.

Cut to 21 century- you don’t always need to be physically present around the target to keep an eye on him or her.

How? Well, have you heard of MxSpy? It’s a leading spy app that allows you to conduct cell phone spy without access to target phone.

You would only need to install the app in your target’s phone and then you can keep tab on it anytime through internet without the need to be around the phone at all.

For example, let’s say you want to spy on a suspicious employee.

If you install MxSpy in his mobile phone, you can easily monitor his communication history and whereabouts right from your own chamber or home.

The app works in stealth mode so that the target never gets to know that s/he is being monitored.

Let’s see what MxSpy can do for you.

Get precise data on the target’s location

The app will allow you to get complete idea on the real-time GPS location of the target phone.

Mobile phones are our round the clock buddies in the contemporary digital genre.

It signifies that if you get the exact location of the target phone you will also get the precise location of the target person as well.

History of call records & SMS

This is another way how this app allows cell phone spy without access to target phone.

No longer would you need access to the phone to uncover the calls made and received by the target phone.

MxSpy will give complete idea on the history of call records even when the target phone is miles away from your current location.

You will get to know about the call timing, duration, people who called and contacts who were called from the phone.

The same will be viable with the SMS messages received and sent by and through the target phone

Recording of phone calls

With MxSpy, There is no need to sneak around the target person to eavesdrop his/her conversations over the phone.

Well, the leading spy app actually records the entire conversation of incoming and outgoing calls and sends it in downloadable mode.

History of internet browsing

MxSpy will give you complete data on any internet activity carried out through the phone.

Whether you wish to know about the emails sent or the social media sites visited- you will have complete records of whatever browsing activity carried through the target phone.

Ambient voice recording

MxSpy even allows you to hear what’s happening in the surrounds of the target person.

You would just need to press on “Start” button on your MxSpy control panel and immediately you will get to listen and record whatever is happening around the target.

The app allows you to listen to surround audio for 20 minutes at a stretch.

History on apps

The app will get you complete details on the app usage history of the phone.

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