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How to spy on a cell phone without having it?

Users of Smartphone these days identify and use all opportunities to engage in the digital world from any location at their convenient time. They are eager to find out and use the first-class nature of the mobile spy apps designed and suggested by experts.Once they have explored features, pros and cons of top spy apps […]

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How to uninstall MxSpy?

In order to uninstall MxSpy from target device, we have 2 cases:​1. In case you can keep target device in your handYou must deactivate Device Administrator in session Settings -> Security. Click System Service to uninstallAnother waysGo to Settings -> Security and tap on Application Manager and click System Service to uninstall.Go to Settings and […]

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How to hide/show icon MxSpy

If you want to hide or show the icon of MXSpy, tap on phone icon to do a calling, tape the default password  #1234*  and tap the green button Call.In case you want to change the default code, you can adjust it on user control panel website -> Settings -> Access Code

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Config MxSpy via Control Panel

You can config MxSpy running on devices by using CELL INFO TAB on our website.Go to> Settings -> Sync SettingsWhat you changed will apply to application MxSpy running on devices exactly.  Click Save & Sync Now( after change function on Sync Settings) to make a synchronize between server/target devices IMMEDIATELY.

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