Is There An App To Hack Cell Phone With Only A Phone Number?

Hacking a phone isn’t exactly a new desire of most people. It has been possible sine the first smartphones, such as legendary Nokia 6600. A smartphone has a similar operating system as a computer, meaning that the numbers of possibilities are endless. On one side, we have a variety of applications and features almost all smartphones offer today.

On the other side, we have a higher risk of misuse of the data and personal information! As such, hacking a phone of your child or employee is actually needed. You may wonder how to hack a phone number and get access to all the data on that device. First and foremost, this isn’t possible, because a phone number is a passive element in a phone-SIM card combination. Luckily, there is an alternative.

The MxSpy is an app that can help you get a complete access to any smartphone, running any of the operating systems which are common today. Here is an explanation how to hack a phone number with just the number.

The first step

All you will have to do is to download The MxSpy app on a targeted device. Targeted smartphone is the one you want to get data from! Install the app and activate all the features in the main menu of the app itself. The task is completed!

Once you have completed the first step, the app will constantly monitor for all income and outcome activities related to that device, which includes messages, calls, data and etc. All popular instant messengers are supported as well. Whatsapp, Viber, Kik messenger, Facebook Messenger and all others are synchronized with The MxSpy in real time. Permanent synchronization allows you to see the messages and listen to calls as soon as they reach the targeted device.

Using the control panel of The MxSpy app

Obviously, reading messages, listening to calls and all other features the app supports won’t be very useful if you must have constant access to the device. That’s why the app is paired with the server (encrypted, Linux-based unit) and an online control panel. All of this means that you will have to log in to your account, associated with the control panel and all the data will be visible all the time.

In the control panel, you have an ability to activate or deactivate certain features of the app. A more important feature is GPS positioning. It basically used GPS on a smartphone to pinpoint the exact location of the device. Thanks to the latest progress in this technology, The MxSpy is accurate in 99% cases and the margin for errors is less than 5 feet.

Getting access to a specific device isn’t possible without purpose-developed apps such is the one mentioned here. If we add advanced programming and the encrypted shield, which makes detection impossible, we can deduce that The MxSpy is the ultimate way for hacking a phone and corresponding phone number.

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