Top 3 Apps to Catch a Cheating Spouse – Free To Try

Today, probably 90% of phones used in the world are android phones. If you are using any phone model from the reputable manufacturer, it is safe to assume that you are using the android OS based device.

Now, there are plenty of mobile monitoring apps for cheaters available in the market with the advancement of new technologies. When you are worried about your spouse is having any affair, now this is a right moment to get one of the best apps listed below:

Top 3 apps to catch a cheating spouse


Copy9 is one of the best applications for cheating spouse that always works the best. This app is actually loaded with a plenty of features that could not be easily detected. There are two major reasons available; why Copy9 app is rated as a number one.

One of the main reasons is that not to be installed as a conventional app, but it allows the user to use all the options of a targeted device with the presence of an operating system.

Another reason is that you can spy on calls, messages and media files and so on. Moreover, it also allows the user to locate the targeted device by simply using the GPS module in a smart phone. 

How does it work?

The Copy9 app actually works well on both android and iPhone devices. Of course, this spying app is very simple to use for catching a cheating spouse in the most effective way.

All you need to do is to simply install this app on your targeted device and also use the control panel that can be easily accessed through any internet capable devices.

Once you have installed this app, you can limit the online access, read the messages, activate the microphone and also able to block the apps. Therefore, this app also works perfectly even when the network speed is very poor.

2. MxSpy.Com

The MxSpy application is one of the latest mobile monitoring spy apps for cheating spouse that especially available for you as well as your safety. Now, this app comes with amazing features as well as it is also very easy and undetectable to use.

Even if you are a beginner, you can be able to use it without even any single problem. The major reasons for the growing popularity of MxSpy are expressing three words such as effortless installation, best rate guarantee and powerful features.

Some of the powerful features of MxSpy are listed below:

  • check
    Call spying
  • check
    Location tracking
  • check
    SMS messages monitoring
  • check
    Auto call answer
  • check
    Key logger
  • check
    Remote screenshot
  • check
    SIM notifications
  • check
    Internet control
  • check
    Instant messaging monitoring

In addition to, here are some advanced features of MxSpy that include:

  • check
    Control apps and programs
  • check
    Read emails
  • check
    Skype Spy
  • check
    Facebook Spy
  • check
    Whatsapp Spy
  • check
    Other social network Spy
  • check
    View multimedia files
  • check
    Remotely control
  • check
    Other features

How to use?

The MxSpy can be specially made it to use for keeping check on your spouse anytime and all the time. Besides that, some people can use this app for monitoring their children and employees’ activities. To use this spying app, you have to follow these simple steps and then simplify all of your monitoring needs:

  • 1
    Subscribe to this app and get the user credentials
  • 2
    Download and install this app on your targeted device
  • 3
    Go monitoring to your control panel

Free to try

Of course, the MxSpy is completely free to try even for the beginners. Each new user has a capability to test this app for many days and also use it any numbers of times, before they can be purchased.


One of the cell phone applications that have become ultimately famous because of its effectiveness in monitoring on a cheating partner is Spyzie.​

Now, this app comes with a wide variety of features that have helped several spouses to find out whether his or her spouse is having an affair. The specialty of this phone spying app is describing three words such as flexibility, versatility and also being a multifunctional monitoring or spying tool.

What can do this app?

Presently, the Spyzie is one of the well known monitoring tools available in the market, because of its set of multifunctional features. The great thing about this app is allowing the users to check the whole call log of monitored device and also you can see the call log being displayed in sequential order.

With this app, you can also get a possibility to analyze the call logs of your spouse and find out the most dialed people with exact contact numbers or call durations. However, nothing your partner can do on their mobile phone without you knowing it.

Hence, all of these apps are specially designed to be used as the best apps to catch a cheater and also better to help you in finding the real truth. However, these given apps are very simple as well as easy to use and also well sophisticated.

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