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Remotely track and control any activity on all smartphones & tablets

  • View Texts, Photos, Calls, Web, GPS Tracking
  • View IM chats from WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, Line, Skype, Kik and Hangouts.
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    Monitor remotely from Control Panel

Hidden Android Spy App - Pho​​​​​ne Spy App – MxSpy

Spy app for mobile phone will help you monitor all activities on the target phone, you can view messages, GPS location, call history, telephone directory, all photos, videos, get access to conversations from popular application such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Viber, Skype, Snapchat, Kik, Line, Hangouts,...  without letting the target person know.

How It Works?


Download MxSpy App on the target phone or tablet.


Install MxSpy app on target phone and activate your account (you can sign up account when installing)

Start Tracking

To start monitoring -> Login to and check collecting data on your target phones.

Awesome Features Await:

Stealth Mode – Undetectable

Mxspy can be undetected in invisible work mode.
You can enable or disable hidden activity by using the default number in the dashboard, and you also can change the default password, if you want.

View Text Messages and Calls

MxSpy is a powerful spy application that allows you to view all the messages sent or received by the user as well as record every outgoing and incoming call along with the time and contact details.

GPS Location

With MxSpy, you can monitor the location of the user's phone remotely through the dashboard. You can track their current location and check the date and time of the places they visited.

Monitor instant messaging apps

You can track your loved ones by reading messages sent via favorite applications on your phone such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, Skype, Line, Kik and more.

View Photos, Videos & Calendar

MxSpy allows you to access and download all your photos and videos via dashboard online. You can also view all the items of the calendar, access the to-do list of the supervised person.

Monitor Online Activities

Our spy app is ready to help you track web-based activities such as: viewing user's web history, checking bookmarks, checking the address and time of user web pages accessed.

Record Phone Call & Surroundings

With MxSpy, you can send commands remotely to the target phone to activate the function of the recording environment. You also can record calls and watch the timing when performing to record on the dashboard.

Remotely control

With MxSpy, you can monitor your mobile remotely, turn on and off the monitoring functions by using the command and back up data via the online control panel. Besides, there are also Alerts on SIM card changes, and you can monitor up to 3 devices at the same time

mxspy phone

Mobile Spy App

MxSpy specializes in user-friendly and easy-to-use surveillance solutions for mobile and computer using the latest advances in tracking technology.

MxSpy has so far helped many employers to keep an eye on their employees. In addition, many parents are able to keep a watch on their teenage kid with this application. Furthermore, many cheating spouses are revealed with this tool. So, without any doubt, this application with the best feature set stands the best among the crowd of spying applications.

Why Choose MxSpy?

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    Reliability - It is a highly reliable application that can be understood from the massive group of people using the app - Over 550,000 satisfied customers are already using MxSpy
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    User-friendly interface - The best spying tool should have the user interface that is friendly for users. This thing is rightly remembered by the MxSpy and so they have made the interface of the application with the best user-friendly features that you should check out.
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    Data protection -  All data retrieved from the target phone are stored in an encrypted manner. They stay online ensuring complete protection
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    Reasonable price - Costs less than your daily cup of coffee!

MxSpy makes you happier

Over 550,000 satisfied customers are already using MxSpy

"I have changed few monitoring solutions for my kids, this one really works. 5 stars for excellent 24/7 customer support."

Frank Gottlieb, USA

"Recently I contacted online support and they helped me so much and appeared very happy to do so. One of the guys has spent much time with me on the issues I was confused and needed to change to make the most of the mxspy program. Thank you for hiring such a great helpful knowledgeable employees."

Edwin Lundy, USA

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