Various steps that you need to go through to track the chat messages of your spouse or kid
17 March 2016
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Various steps that you need to go through to track the chat messages of your spouse or kid

People despite of calls, are carrying out their entire conversation via text messages. Today, text messages has become a secret code for the youngsters and betraying spouse. Moreover, this type of textual conversation gives ample freedom for the people to carry out their conversation with high privacy. Here, you need not require to speak out loudly, show your screen, etc. this gives ample privacy for the people to chat with their secret friends. Moreover, it is highly cumbersome to overlook the chat messages which they are typing. So, the parents who are concerned about their kids falling prey to sexting, and have a doubt of how to spy on mobile phone have to install the mobile spy software for free on their children mobile without their knowledge. This actually helps the parents to monitor their kids mobile activity in real-time from any place across the globe. Parents who have an urgent meeting and need to go out of the town, can also keep tab on their child’s activities. These mobile spy apps to track the chat messages are available for a small price in online. However, you need to purchase the app that fulfills your requirements.


How do you spy on mobile phone? For any mobile spy app, here are a few steps that help you to track the chat messages on the target phone.

Step 1: Purchase a right mobile spy app

First, you need to do extensive research to find out the right software that has all the requirements you are looking in a spying app. However, after purchasing the app, you will receive a link to download the app along with a user name, password and license key to download the application successfully on the target mobile.

Step 2: Carefully install the phone sms spy app….. on the target mobile device

However, you need to have physical access to the mobile to install this app. You can quickly install the app in a fraction of minutes. Once you install the app to the mobile, you can now have authorized access to track the chat messages that were communicated.

Step 3: Relax and let the app collect the data

Once you install the app on the target mobile, it starts doing its work of collecting data without your intervention. This app amasses all the information that was sent and received, including the sender’s mobile number and full content of the messages. Moreover, you can even track the browsing history, location of the mobile, phone logs, etc.

Step 4: Track the data from the control panel of the application

You can monitor the mobile activities of the target mobile by sitting at the comfort of your home. All you need to have to login to the control panel of the app is valid credentials. When you login, you can view all the text messages that were sent and received from the mobile, even other activities on that mobile. You can view the data that is deleted on the target mobiles. Moreover, you can check call history, text messages, browsing history and the conversation that took place in social media sites, etc. The best part is that, you can access the control panel from any computer or mobile. This gives ample flexibility for you to check the conversations that took place on the target mobile from time to time without the knowledge of your kid or spouse.

Step 5: Take a desired action

When you find any suspicious things in the conversation, you can talk to your kid and protect them from becoming a victim of cybercrime. This actually leaves the parents with peace of mind. Moreover, the chat messages you track also removes the misconceptions that you had about them.