Track Internet Browsing History

Track Internet Browsing History

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MxSpy enables you to check out the web surfing history of the prospective phone’s browser. With MxSpy, Track internet browsing, View browser history, View internet history you are able to:

  • Check out the sites the objective end user has visited.
  • See every Website url that has been visited.
  • Learn the amount of times the prospective consumer has visited every website.
  • Get date and time stamps so that you can know when each and every web site was stopped at.
  • All stopped at website URLs are submitted to your online MxSpy user interface that you can gain access to from everywhere with an internet connection.

track_browsing_historyWhy You Need This Feature

Do you usually question what web sites your youngsters happen to be browsing on their own mobile phone? Do you wish to be sure your workers are simply going to work associated sites on his or her work cell phone? MxSpy offers you all the details concerning the target user’s web browsing actions. You will see each and every Website url they already have visited so that you understand specifically what they have been as much as.

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