Techniques to hack the Facebook account password
29 March 2016
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Techniques to hack the Facebook account password

Facebook is the renowned social media site that is used by billions of users across the globe to connect and converse with their friends and acquaintances, share their birthdays, vacation plans, and thoughts with the people in their list and groups. However, with the increase in its usage, the security threats in Facebook are also increasing. Many people use Facebook as a social tool to keep in touch with the friends who are abroad, but few people use this to carry out malicious activities. These people use the personal information that was updated on the site to carry out social engineering attacks. Moreover, people doesn’t have to be a pro hacker to hack your Facebook password.

However, do you want to know how to hack the Facebook account password? Here are a few ways a hacker uses to hack the password of a Facebook account.


Reset password: The most brilliant and quick way to hack the Facebook account password is by resetting their password. This method is used by the account holder’s friends and other people who knew him/her very well.

All you need to have on how to hack the Facebook account is the email id of the target person. However, if you do not know his/her mail id, you can go to their profile and check it. Next, you need to click on forgot password and enter the email id of the target person and then click this is my account. However, it prompts you whether you would like to reset the password via email, then click on no longer have access to it. Then again, it prompts how to reach you? You can enter an email id that is unique. Then, it asks you with a couple of security questions, which you should be ready to answer to change the password and gain access to the account.

Use keyloggers: How to hack the Facebook account password for free with keyloggers? There are two types of keyloggers, one is a software keylogger and other is a hardware keylogger. The software keyloggers record the keystrokes typed on the keyboard without the knowledge of the victim. First, this software has to be downloaded in the target computer manually. This software remains undetected and records all the keystrokes once the computer is ON. Moreover, there are few keylogger software which has the ability to send the recorded strokes directly to the hacker’s email. The hardware keyloggers look like USB drives. You have to plug these drives to the victim’s computer to elicit the data.

Phishing emails: In this method, the hacker creates the fake Facebook login page and sends this page to the victim’s email. If the victim enters the login details in the fake Facebook login page, then the details such as email address, and password will be sent directly to the hacker’s server.

Cookies: When a user visits the website, cookies gets stored on the hard drive of the computer and these cookies can be retrieved later. These comprise of valuable information that a hacker can snoop and compromise the Facebook account. However, these cookies do not reveal the password of the user, but the hacker can gain unauthorized access to the Facebook account of the victim.

The above mentioned are a few methods used to hack Facebook account free.