Spying on WhatsApp
23 March 2016
WhatsApp Spy
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Spying on WhatsApp

Today smart phone has become mandatory for everyone. The use of smartphones has become like a virus, each and everyone have come to the extent that without smartphone the day never goes successfully.  Parents worry as their children spend more time on the phone. There are so many commonly used applications for instant messaging. One such instant messenger that is widely used is the WhatsApp

WhatsApp application

WhatsApp is an application used to send text messages, photo, video, location via the internet to anyone across the world. One can use WhatsApp by creating an account with their phone numbers; hence each one can have a unique account per device. The contacts in the device library get automatically added to the WhatsApp contact list.

Need of WhatsApp spy

As we know each and every one use WhatsApp for communication. WhatsApp can be a vital mode of social network crimes. In order to monitor such things the idea for WhatsApp conversation spy became necessary, also parents intend to know that their teenage children are away from danger, for an instance they try to know where and what their children are up to and with whom they talk. Hence they try to spy on their phone.


WhatsApp spy app

There is an app available in the market for Spying on WhatsApp application. This is one of the easiest ways to spy one’s smartphone. There are many such spy apps available, just choose the best one. Choose the one which has feature like

  • Monitor the chats and messages
  • Spying on the contacts of their WhatsApp
  • Checkout their GPS location in real time
  • Internet activity like mails can be spied on the target device
  • Group messages also can be monitored
  • Must spy stealthily without the device owner’s knowledge
  • Hack WhatsApp download in the target’s device

How the spy app for WhatsApp works

All you need is to download the application of WhatsApp spy on to the desired smart device. Later configure and install the application. This takes a few minutes. All the activities from the target device begin to log. The activities are WhatsApp messages, videos, photos, contacts, along with information such as date, time and GPS location can get logged on. One who is spying needs to create an account in the browser link of the app to review the logs.

This application can be installed on any smart phone like iOS, android, blackberry or windows phone. In case of iPhone or iPad that make use of iOS sometimes do not support the spying app for security reasons. Hence in this case one needs to perform the jail break on their apple phone for installing the spy software. After the jail break cydia needs to be installed as this software enable to install other applications on the jail broken device. In case of Spying on WhatsApp  the installation of the spy app is easy.

Apart from WhatsApp, the user can use any other app, hence there is still spy software that monitors every app in the device.