Spy apps – surveillance in the new era
21 March 2016
Mobile Spy App
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Spy apps – surveillance in the new era

The word “Spy” seems to go hand in hand with 007 or Ethan Hunt or Jason Bourne. However, that ends with waking up from a dream or on the silver screen. Life rarely involves exciting or harrowing escapades. Sometimes, we need “Spy Apps” for various legitimate reasons.

A Spy Phone Application is basically a Surveillance software which records incoming as well as outgoing calls and messages on the phone. It has a GPS tracker too. It can track browser activity as well as messages from applications like Facebook, Line, Whatsapp, Skype and Viber.

Spy Apps basically uses the Smartphone’s internet connection and sends data to the service provider’s server. It can then be monitored remotely from the server. All we need to do is use the spy app login, i.e., the username or email and password that was used to register into the application. The Spy track uploads all the activity onto our secure online account.


But why do we really need it? Sometimes, there might be requirements to keep an eye on your children, their phone usage. Most of us know how difficult it is keeping tabs on teenagers or keeping them on the right path. Or quite simply, we may need just to stay them out of harm’s way. This App could also be used to keep tabs on employees, so as to make sure that they are not misusing office resources or valuable time. It can be used for simple reasons as backing up data on our phone or for tracking the phone if it gets lost or stolen. Some advanced Apps also provide the facility of call recording or even Triggers or Alerts. It is especially helpful with the safety of kids. Certain words or phone numbers can be marked and would send an alert if used. There are lots of Spy Programs and they are becoming quite popular. Technically speaking it would be better to call them Monitoring Programs or Software.

Now all this is great when we are monitoring someone else’s phone or activities. But what if we are the victims of a Surveillance? What if we are the victims of an App Spy? How to know whether it is just a gut feeling or paranoia or reality? There are some tell tale signs that one could look for to determine if our phone is being monitored. The first thing to look for would be battery drains. A phone having a spy program installed would ideally drain its battery sooner than normal. Some spy software’s make the phones randomly start or shutdown. Sometimes, we might hear some strange noises or static. Or we might receive strange texts or messages just having some weird numbers or symbols. Also higher data usage is an indication. All these reasons put together may mean that there is a Spy Track on our phone and we could take steps to get rid of it.

Advanced Technology always brings in good and bad features. It is up to us to determine which feature to take advantage of.