Selecting the right mobile tracker app
18 March 2016
Mobile Spy App
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Selecting the right mobile tracker app

Mobile phones have made it really easy to track someone’s location. You can ask your kids or any loved one to keep your updated about their whereabouts. Your child can call you or send a text when she has safely reached school. If you do not want to use this system, you can use apps that give you location of the target phone. There can also be a need for the person you are tracking to not know about it. And that is possible too with the help of a hidden spy app. But you will need more sophisticated tools to pull that off. To help you out, an ultimate guide to selecting the right mobile tracker app is given below.

If you want to keep track of your family or a loved one just for safety and peace of mind, you should use a locator app. These apps are easily available for free on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. You will have to install the app on both your phone and the target phone. After the installation and login, you will have to connect the app in both the phones using email ids or a unique code provided by the app. Once that is done, you will be able to check location of the other person and they will be able to see your location. You can even set alerts in these apps that will notify you whenever the other person leaves or enters a particular area, which could be home or office. The whole family can be added to a circle. All this is included in the free features. If you are ready to spend some money, you can get the complete GPS location history of the phone and other things like that.


One the other hand, if you want to mobile tracker app of an employee or your partner without them knowing, you will have to use an advanced spy ware. These tools are undetectable and stay hidden from the user. Moreover, they are not just for the location. With the help of a good tracker, you can spy text messages and get call records. Browsing history and social media activity are also included in some of these apps. Both free and paid tools are available for this purpose. The free spy mobile tools are generally not very accurate and provide limited access. Thus they are not recommended for those who want a complete access.

When you are selecting a paid app to mobile tracker app, you will have to be very careful. If you do not take the right decision, your money and time will be wasted. To select the right app, you can use the online reviews posted by the users. This will give you an insight of the tool you are going to pay for. Otherwise you can compare the different options to find out which one is the best. You should consider the ease of use, price and features while making the comparison.