Phone application for tracking the activities on a device -
24 March 2016
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Phone application for tracking the activities on a device

The need for tracking one’s device has become essential for few. Mostly parents use it to track the activities in their kid’s mobile. In certain cases for security reasons also they use this phone application. The software for the mobile spying purpose is integrated well and sophisticated enough to track or monitor the activities in the desired smartphone.

What is this call tracking app all about?

There are various applications available in today’s market for both android and iOS phones. This spy application is all about spying all the activities such as incoming, outgoing SMS, MMS, incoming / outgoing calls and GPS location. One such app is needed by any parent to keep an eye on their kid. The important thing that is to be noted is the app work without the user’s knowledge. This app acts as a good SMS tracker.

The key features of the so called tracker sms application

  • SMS tracking- all the information regarding the outgoing and incoming SMS are logged. The information includes as who sent/ received, date, time and also the location of the smartphone. The contents too are logged
  • Browser tracking- not just tracking the SMS is needed also it is needed to know their browsing activity, especially for parents this feature is much helpful as to know what their kids do. As kids use their device to access and browse various sites. Hence this app logs the sites seen and also time and location.
  • MMS tracker- this feature enables one to monitor the multimedia messages. The information such as time, date, location and contact is logged
  • Call tracking- this app is used to mainly track all the calls that are incoming, outgoing and missed calls.


The additional feature of call tracking app includes the location tracking. This feature is widely used by parents as they get to where their child is at what time. For security reason this is very much helpful. Police or defense departments use this to track the activities of any doubtful person. The GPS logging can be set for regular intervals, such that it can be tracked even when the phone is not being used.

The components of the spy tracker software

The spy mobile tracker has major components categorized in the following classes

  • Target phone
  • Server
  • Internet cloud
  • Control panel

The phone must be able to use this software. This call tracking app call easily supports iOS, blackberry, android, windows device. Since it is hidden in the phone the person who wants to track needs the control panel component which is nothing but software. From this software one needs call tracking app. Login needs username and password. One can see their logs that are sent by the app from the target device. Hence all you need is internet to access your login.

Nowadays SMS and call tracking is just not enough, as today the communication technology is too modern. Hence tracking need to be done even for instant messengers like WhatsApp, viber, Facebook etc.