Mobile Spy Free To Keep A Watch
4 July 2016
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Mobile Spy Free To Keep A Watch

The importance of mobile spying application is highly felt these days as many people want to spy on their loved ones for one reason or another. Particularly, with a whole lot of distractions available for teenage children these days, parents are highly concerned about the future of their child. The reason for this fear is that they doubt whether some inappropriate friends can take their child to the wrong path. Furthermore, most teenage children demand for smartphone these days and parents just do not want to resist this demand from their son or daughter. But, they wish to keep a watch on the activities done by their son/daughter with the phone and this is where mobile spy free application will be of great help to them.


One such application is MxSpy, where users can try out the application for a free trial for two days. Let us explore some excellent features of this application, for individuals interested in spying on text messages and GPS tracking facility:

GPS Tracking:

Many teenage children, particularly boys are known to bunk their schools and this is a great concern for parents, who believe that if the child does not attend school properly, he will not be in a position to perform well in academic. Not just the current location of their son, parents can also get to know the location history to make sure that their son has rightly attended the school and also has went to the evening classes without bunking. With GPS tracking free offered in the trial version for two days, parents can also get to the travel routes when the spying application is installed on their son’s phone.

Text messages:

With mobile spy free for two days trial period, parents will also find that they can spy on the text messages sent and received through their son’s phone. Not just the text messages on the smartphone, but also the messages sent and received through built-in applications can also be read. Even, the deleted messages from iMessages from the iPhone can be traced by parents. In addition, they can view Facebook and WhatsApp messages as well. So, SMS spy is something made easier by the application.

Alerts and notification:

If the child has changed a new sim card for one reason or another, the same will be notified to the parents through SMS, in such a way that parents can get to know the new number.

Generally, when it comes to any mobile spy free application, it is recommended to check whether the application is completely undetectable and this assurance is also given by the manufacturers of MxSpy. So, parents can be rest assured that their son/daughter will not get to know that such a spying application has been installed on the phone by their parents. Besides the above-mentioned features, many other attractive features are available in this application and trying out the trial version for free will help with arriving at an informed decision.