Make sure your spouse is not cheating
21 March 2016
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Make sure your spouse is not cheating

Nowadays it has become very common for a wife to cheat on husband and vice versa. It is the constant stress that makes people take bad decisions and end up ruining their marriage. But in many cases, relations get ruined without one of the partners cheating. And the reason for that is the paranoia. Often people suspect that their spouse is having an affair and make the accusation without any proof. Whether it turns out to be true or not, the marriage ends for sure. To avoid any such scenario, you should get a proof before accusing your spouse. Here are some ways of collecting evidences without your spouse knowing.

How to spy text messages?

Text messages are the first preference of those who are cheating. Calls can be heard by others, but texts remain private. You cannot tell what the person sitting in front of you is chatting about. That’s why whenever the spouse is smiling or laughing while reading texts, having a doubt is quite natural. To clear this doubt, you can check the phone in absence of your partner, but that is not a good solution. It has a high chance of getting caught. It also does not give you the deleted texts. There are many other drawbacks of this method. Thus, it is advised that you use a text message spy tool. Such a tool will give you a complete record of all the texts on the target phone. It will provide up to date info of senders and receivers of the messages. Some tools can even retrieve the deleted texts. And you will not have to check the target phone repeatedly. Just install the tool once and spy on text messages forever. You will be provided a web login account where you can check all these records easily. Even if a message is deleted by your spouse, you will still have the record.


Several text message spy tools both free and paid are available on the internet on Google play store and Apple app store. You just need to find the right one and install it on the target phone. If you select a free text message spy tool, remember that it will have limited features only. It might not allow you to see deleted texts or might work only for a limited period. A paid tool on the other hand will not only let you spy text messages but will have many other features. Some tools also give you call logs, browsing history, GPS location and a lot more. If you cannot be completely sure if your spouse is cheating only with the help of texts, the other data will help you. But you should not jump to conclusions just after seeing one suspicious message. Check out the complete conversation and the entire location history to be sure before you accuse your spouse or take any other step.

Everyone wants their spouses to be completely faithful. But this does not mean that should even ignore the obvious signs.