Are You Looking For A Phone Call Recording Application?
15 July 2016
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Are You Looking For A Phone Call Recording Application?

How can use phone call recoring from MxSpy?

If you are looking for a phone call recording application that will help with recording calls received and made through a particular phone, using MxSpy can be the best idea. With a wide range of features besides spying on the calls, this application will be of great help to you in keeping a watch on any individual whom you love a lot, regardless of whether it is spouse or your teenage kid. Even, if you are an employer, want to record the phone calls made and received by your staff, through the smartphone that you have provided to them on your company’s behalf, you can use this most useful application. Here are certain things this application will help you with:

Spying on phone call recording:

As mentioned earlier, this is a spying application and when you install this application on the target phone, you can spy call regardless of whether it is received on the phone from any other phone or it is made from the phone to any other phone. The app will provide you complete history of the calls along with time, date, duration of the call along with contact number and name. Even if the owner of the target phone has deleted these records, you will be able to find the details without even touching the target phone.



If you are too much concerned that your employees are frequently texting from the smartphone that you have supplied, rather than concentrating on the work, you can spy on messages with this SMS tracker application. MxSpy will silently work on the background and will update the details on real-time to your online control panel. You can view the messages sent and received even when they are deleted from a remote computer by logging in to the control panel of the spy application. When talking about texting, not just SMS, you can keep track of the chat history in rapid texting apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Yahoo Messenger, Viber, etc. All you have to do is just install the application on the target phone. This means that you will have to just get access to the phone only once for a few minutes for installing MxSpy on the phone, which can be done easily. Then, without actually getting physical contact with the target phone, you can gather details about calls and SMSs.

Location of the user:

If you want to know the exact location of the target phone in real-time, you will find that this mobile spy app will provide you not just the current location through GPS Tracker, but also it will provide the history of locations visited by the owner.

Besides these things, you can also spy on multimedia. You are just looking for a phone call recording application, but MxSpy will bring you a wide range of other features as well besides recording the calls. So, no worry anymore!