Learn how to hack Facebook account to protect your account
23 March 2016
Hack Facebook
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Learn how to hack Facebook account free to protect your account

If you are curious about how to hack Facebook account free, then this article is for you.  Below are few of the ways that hackers use to access Facebook passwords of another person

  1. Facebook phishing
  2. Mobile Phone Hacking
  3. USB Hacking
  4. Key logging

What is Facebook Phishing?

This is the most common means of how to hack a Facebook account password.  This method requires the use of fake Login pages that are similar to Gmail, Yahoo, and MSN, etc.  The victim is deceived into believing that this spoofed page (fake login page) is the real deal and enters his/her password. This method requires a lot of skills to implement as the hacker will need specialized skills to create these spoof pages.

Mobile Phone Hacking

Most Facebook users use their mobile phones to access their Facebook accounts.  Hence, this method of hacking Facebook password has become quite common.  All the hacker needs is, to gain access to the victims mobile phone and then he/she gains access to the Facebook account.  There are lots of softwares that allow the hacker to hack facebook account free. These include:

  • Spy Phone Gold
  • Mobile Spy

USB Hacking

This requires that the hacker has access to the victim’s PC.  It is common for most users to remember password especially when using their person PC.  This is an easy solution to how to hack a Facebook account free as it makes it easy to have access to their accounts without the stress of having to input the password each time.  The hacker capitalizes on this to extract all saved passwords on the PC with the aid of a program via a USB.


Key logging

This method does not require physical access to the PC.  It can be done remotely.  It is also very common as many hackers have found ways on installing it on their victims’ computer remotely.  This method does not only give the hacker the opportunity to hack Facebook account password, but other passwords that are entered into the PC.  

How to protect your Facebook account from hackers

When you know the tricks of the hackers then you can adequately protect your Facebook account. The most important thing that every Facebook user need keep in mind is that they require an antivirus installed both on their mobile devices as well as their PC.  

This antivirus will not protect you from spoof pages, but can protect your from remote accessing of your PC as well as prevent your mobile from being spied on.  All internet users will have to ensure that the cross check the address bar and ensure that the URL is actually facebook.com before entering their Facebook password.

Another safety measure that can be taken is to ensure that you enable a password/PIN for all devices that you use to access your Facebook account.  That way, no one can extract your saved password if you leave your device/ PC unattended to.

Finally, you can step up security measure that requires a code to be sent to your mobile whenever you need to access your Facebook account.