Know the secrets with call hack!
21 March 2016
Spy on Phone Calls
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Know the secrets with call hack!

If you are using a mobile phone to call someone, your personal space might be at risk. Yes, it is possible!! Your personal space might be no longer personal as hackers around the world may target your phone to listen your personal and important calls which they want. They can spy your smartphone form anywhere in the world. Millions of users are exposed to this security threat nowadays.

There is a flaw in the global telecom network. According to experts, it is one of the biggest threat to privacy the world has ever seen. Terrorists, criminals and spies are exploiting this security loophole for their own benefit.

Hack call log

Using various tricks and techniques, one can easily check your phone call history. Some of these methods are completely undetectable for the target user.

Most of the hackers use the internet to expose someone’s personal space. A wide variety of spywares are available on the web. If you want to use them, all you need is to complete some formalities such as making login ID, a little payment etc. If you are successful in taking out someone’s call log, then you would be able to see his/her past phone call records.


Phone call tracker

Your phone calls can be tracked and hackers can listen to your calls and find your location. By exploiting the flaws in SS7, the global network that allows network operators to send texts, calls and other services, it has become possible to phone call tracker.

Phone call tracker allows you to listen someone’s private calls without being detected by your target. It can also detect your location. The SS7 network is used worldwide, which means that hackers don’t even need to be anywhere around their target to break into their phones.

How to hack phone calls

Today, technology is so advanced that hackers can listen to your phone calls, read your text messages and emails, access your phone’s content and much more.

Hacking of phones can be done by:

  • Using phone hacking devices which work when your phone is off.
  • Using mini cell phone towers.
  • Hacking them and then sending data to an outside source.

With the help of Bluetooth, hackers can hack your phone when it is off without your awareness. Mini cell phone towers are used for short distance hacking as your phone calls and texts are being tapped from short distance. Sometimes, the hacker crashes into your phone’s operating system and passes the information to the unwanted person who is just waiting for the information to come.

How to hack mobile call history

There are many spyware available on the internet today, which can provide you someone’s call history. You can install phone call tracker on your target device and track the movement of the device. For acquiring data you can simply log on and it will be available to you.

Hack mobile phone calls

It refers to listening to someone’s phone calls from anywhere using your own devices and techniques. As discussed earlier, hacking can be done in several ways, such as using a Bluetooth, mini cell phone tower etc.

Keep in mind that taking out someone’s personal information without their consent is illegal and it is a punishable offense.