How to spy on the text messages of others?
21 March 2016
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How to spy on the text messages of others?

Many a time it becomes important that you know what your loved ones are up to. Children today are very tech savvy and cannot be forbidden from the use of technology just because you want them to stay safe. This will not only hinder their progress but also can create a feeling of hatred towards you. Also, if it is about your partner or spouse you cannot just keep asking him or her questions as it is just your suspicion and needs to be real before confronting them in any way. So what is the solution to this problem? Well, as the technology has advanced in the field of telecommunication so have the softwares that can be installed to spy texts sent by your kids or partner or spouse.

First of all it is always suggested that talking up front with your kids or partner is the best way of dealing with the situation as then only they will be able to understand relate with your concern. While opting for other methods it is always a risk that even your good in tensions may be interpreted in a wrong way creating unnecessary tensions between you and your kids or you and your partner.

Anyhow if at all you think that becoming sure about what you want to talk and being equipped with evidence before confronting the other party is extremely important you must know how to spy on the text messages. In close relations it is not illegal to spy on texts but if you are a company owner then you must inform your employee that they are being tracked. This need not be straight forward but in a way that is informative yet discreet. You could tell them that for security reasons they will be watched and they must give their consent for it.


The few important things that are important for spying text messages are

  • Software
  • Mobile phone number of the victim
  • Internet connection on the mobile phone of the victim

Few softwares need to be downloaded on the victim’s mobile phone too to spy on the text messages but others may just need to be downloaded in your cell phone and they are good to spy texts.

After downloading the software needed for spying on the text messages of your kids or spouse or your employee you must enter the phone number of the victim who may be either using a mobile data internet connection or the wifi connection to get access to the internet.

These softwares are designed in such a way that they get through the phone and access all the necessary information that you desire without even letting the victim know about the hack.

But, if you suspect that you are being spied upon there are ways which can tell you that.

There will be either a notification from android or the battery will drain fast or the phone will switch off on its own. All this can be taken care of by either formatting the phone or by factory resetting it.