How Can I Track My Wife’s Call Mobile Phone Without Her Knowing?
13 July 2016
Spy on Phone Calls
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How Can I Track My Wife’s Call Mobile Phone Without Her Knowing?

How to spy on my wife’s calls tracking for free ?

Having a relationship is fun. Everyone wants a good relationship with complete affection from both sides. However, loyalty is something that is vulnerable when it comes to a internal conflict in each love affair. Will we ever know if our partner is cheating on us? Maybe yes, maybe no. What if we are being deceived like a fool but don’t have any chance to catch your lover at the act?

Is there anyway for us to secretly spy on a cheating partner? Of couse there is. In the past there were many methods to anonymously listen to a phone call or read messages. However, as the development of modern device never stops upgrading everyday, now we have many professional monitorings to track other’s activities. One of them is Cell phone monitoring, which can help you to follow your friend’s activities on phone without her noticing. Wow, what a cool app, right?

Want To Check Her Smartphone?

So how can we start as a spy? Now let’s have a quick review on this software nitty-gritty:

Compatible Version

First of all, you have to get access on our website spy software’s compatibility to make sure that your phone and your spouse’s phone are matched. Our software are compatibly used for both Androit or iOS operation. As soon as you choose the right software with the compatible version for the target’s phone, you are ready to take action.

Download & Install The Software

If you want to download the software, you need to buy the Spy software . Or you can download free trial here : Free trial MxSpy

get mxspy now

It is now available on our website, download and install it on the target’s cell phone, it will start tracking down her text messages, whatsapp and viber chats, facebook messages, phonebook, call logs, GPS location tracing and the multimedia.

Login Details

Once you successfullt purchase the spy app, you are now ready to sign up. Create a  username and password to get an account, a dashboard, where the process of copying and recording messages and phone calls happens..

What All Can You Spy?

If your wife operates an android phone:

  • Read the whole sent and received messages, even the deleted ones
  • View her Facebook messenger.
  • Check WhatsApp and Viber chats.
  • Track all call logs..
  • View all the multimedia – pictures or images stored in her smartphone.
  • Check her URL links and emails as well. They might be loaded with her new partner’s love messages.
  • Use GPS tracking app to track down her locations, just in case she lies to you.

If she is using iPhone:

  • View all text messages including deleted ones.
  • Check all the call logs of her iPhone- with whom she was talking late night and for how long
  • Get access to all the contacts saved in her phonebook
  • View all the Whatsapp chats, what she shares with her lover
  • Also check her Skype messages, she may use this communication media to communicate with her new sweetheart,.

Isnt it useful for you to have phone of your date before deciding to take a step further on your relationship?. Purchase this app right now and clear all your doubts!