How to protect your loved ones through hacking?
18 March 2016
Viber Spy
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How to protect your loved ones through hacking?

How to hack viber?

There are times when you need to know what all is happening secretly in the lives of your loved ones. This is not exactly spying but a way of taking care of them so that they do not end up hurting themselves or others including you. These days the use of mobile phones and especially the smart phones has opened new avenues of keeping in contact with the people you want this on one hand is very beneficial because it has reduced miles and miles of distances between the families and friends and everyone is just a phone call or just a message away. You can know their whereabouts, about their safety and their wellbeing in no time.

All you need to have is a social networking app like facebook, viber, gmail, and any such networking site to be connected to your loved ones. On the other hand these facilities have increased the chances of the people getting on a wrong path. The kids and youngsters have especially become vulnerable. So it becomes the responsibility of the parents to keep a check on what they are doing whom they are meeting and what they are talking about. Similarly in relationship your partner or spouse might be cheating upon you; this needs to be tracked too. Here this article will tell you how to hack viber.


To hack a viber account you must first download viber hack which is easily available online on paying a small price or just as free downloads. These hacking softwares make good use of the viber’s own flaws and can access accounts from a remote location without even letting the victim know about it. If you know how to hack a viber account you can not only access the messages, calls and chats of the victim but you can also block numbers on their viber account which they can only open upon your permission.

The first and the foremost thing in knowing how to hack viber you need to download a viber hacking software. This software is nowadays available online for free but if you want to be sure of the results you must invest in the premium versions of the trusted hacking software. Then, knowing the victim’s phone number is essential because then only you can access the viber app downloaded on the victim’s mobile phone. Now your work is easy. There are many apps that just need to be downloaded to start working while others may involve a few more steps which are instructed upon by the software.

Since viber is just a chatting app it is not a crime that you are getting involved into by hacking the viber account. Moreover hacking viber account of your spouse, partner and kids does not need them to be informed about the tracking being done on their phone and activities. Also, you cannot be prosecuted for hacking viber account of your loved ones.

So, now that you know how to hack other’s viber account you should be able to take better care of your loved ones, especially your growing kids who are always vulnerable in this big bad world.