How to go about with safeguarding informational assets of your company
17 April 2016
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How to go about with safeguarding informational assets of your company

When your company deals with sensitive and confidential information you need to make sure that the security internally is air tight. You cannot have any kind of a system where there are many loose ends from where info could easily go out. The problem today is that dealing with sensitive info doesn’t necessarily mean that the only threat you could have is of your employees leaking it. Potential hackers from the outside could also gain easy access to your files if they had the right means. It is important for you to actually make sure that your employees do not accidentally give them the means to hack into your systems and take the sensitive info for themselves.

Install an android cell tracker on your phone to safeguarding informational assets of your company

There are so many different portals today that could be used in order to get info out of a person. One of the first portals is basically the android phones with their thousands of apps most of which consist of social networking sites that anyone can easily follow.  All you need to do is make sure that there are no instances where your employees go to any of these apps and provide a loophole for potential hackers to exploit. You can now prevent this by installing an android cell tracker on your phone that will allow you to keep a close watch on all of your employees without having them know.


You can now use mxspy, a type of a Samsung spy software in order to get just the right amount of info you need on how much time your employee spends on the social media, messaging people on facebook or whatsapp. It is sometimes these portals that hackers can exploit. That is why by using an android cell tracker you can easily get the kind of logged info in your computer pertaining to every kind of movement your employees make. You need not do this to all employees and can enforce it only to the ones that are exposed to a certain degree of confidential information. You have to understand here that knowledge is power and having the right knowledge will give you the right amount of info you need on whom to keep and whom to let go. After all, it is a question of the future of your company.

You can use the app as a whatsapp spy and have the whatsapp messages of your employees tracked down. You can also use it to hack facebook  to find out if your employees are sending or receiving any info that they are not supposed to be around or look at. Using a tracking app can be viewed as an invasion of privacy by many people and that is exactly why you don’t have to worry when it comes to the app being discovered because it remains well concealed while doing your job and making sure that you actually get down to brass tacks with your work, with no insecurity in data leaks thanks to android cell tracker.