Hassle free GPS tracking at your fingertips
18 April 2016
GPS Tracker
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Hassle free GPS tracking at your fingertips

What is a GPS tracker?

GPS tracking unit stands for Global Positioning System is basically a device that is normally carried by a person or a vehicle in order to determine a particular location and also location of the person carrying it.

GPS tracking unit usually permits the person’s location to be displayed against a map which in turn makes it easier for the person to locate himself and reach a desirable place without any difficulty or confusion. With the advancement in technology people are benefited in numerous ways, nowadays all the smart phones have this in built feature.

Types of GPS trackers

There are numerous varieties of GPS trackers, some of them are listed below-

  • Data pushers

It is one of the most common type of tracking device which is used for asset tracking, vehicle tracking and personal tracking.

  • Data pullers

It is also known as GPS transponders, which sends signals about the position of device at regular intervals.

  • Data loggers

This device simply logs the position of the device.

Building style of GPS tracking unit

A GPS tracker usually comprises of a GPS module which is meant to receive the GPS signal and then to determine and calculate the coordinates. In case of data loggers it contains a huge memory for storing the coordinates whereas in data pushers there is an additional GPRS modem which transmits information to a central computer through IP packets or SMS.


What do you mean by spy GPS?

SPY GPS is high-tech tracking units which not only track a particular location but also tracks activity records for up to a year by delivering reports which tracks time, speed and position across Google maps. The information from the tracker can be followed on any device from computers including PCs and Mac.

This is useful and pocket friendly, the features incorporated are of top quality and also within your budget. It even comprises of a 3 axis accelerometer which in turn improves the accuracy with motion detection. It is usually a bit larger than a matchbox and be placed anywhere with ease.

SPY GPS can also set up various alerts which can be sent through email or text message in order to alert you in case of low battery or when the device breaks a certain speed or stops moving. Another advanced feature is that it allows you to fence off certain areas or locations of the map and be alerted when the tracker leaves or enters that restricted area.

Advantages of GPS tracking

  • GPS works in all types of weather conditions and its result or efficiency is not affected by any weather changes.
  • It enables you to track location of any desirable restaurant or place without nay hurdles and confusion.
  • GPS is extremely easy to navigate and can be even operated by children.
  • Because of its low cost it can be easily incorporated into mobile phones and other such devices like tablets.

GPS is considered as the best tracking device which works even in water bodies.