Get SMS History Of Your Loved One -
11 July 2016
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Get SMS History Of Your Loved One


If you are highly concerned as to whether your most loving partner is not faithful to you these days, but do not want to show your doubt towards him/her, the best thing you can do is to install a spying application on his/her phone. Here, to prevent any unnecessary problem with your spouse, if he/she has been faithful and it is just your doubt, the best thing you should do is to install an application that is 100% undetectable. Such an application is MxSpy.

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SMS tracking:

If you find that in the recent days, your partner has been texting too much, but do not want to ask to whom he/she has been texting, MxSpy will help you with reading all the SMSs received and sent through your spouse’s phone. This means that you can get the SMS history, such that you can get to know to whom he/she has been texting so frequently.

When talking about SMS, another excellent feature you can use when you install this application on your spouse’s phone is that besides remotely accessing the phone through online control panel, you can also send SMS commands to your spouse’s phone when you want to get a particular action done on the phone. In addition, when your partner suddenly changes the sim card, you will be notified about the same with the new number through SMS. You can get this mobile tracker free for a period of two days and trying out the trial version will help you in getting an idea about the working of the application.


GPS Tracking:

If you are wondering whether your spouse is just visiting the office and not any other place and return home after leaving from office, you can get the location history of your partner, when MxSpy is present on his/her phone. GPS Tracking free for two days through trial version will help you with identifying the current location of your partner as well.

Calls received and made:

When you are concerned that your partner is talking over the phone very frequently and want to know from whom he/she is receiving calls frequently or making calls frequently, the call history feature in MxSpy will provide you the complete details of the numbers to which calls were made from the phone and also the number from which calls were received, even if these details were deleted from the phone. In addition, you can record the surrounding sounds to know whether your partner is actually in the office in a given day. In addition to call details, you will also be in a position to get access to the contacts stored in your spouse’s phone.

Not just for spouses, who wish to keep a watch on their partners, but also for others like employers looking to keep a watch on employees and parents wanting to keep a watch on the teenage kids will find the SMS history feature offered by MxSpy to be highly useful.