Free spy text message without target phone
18 March 2016
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Free spy text message without target phone

With MxSpy, protective parents no longer need to worry about the dangers their children are potentially encountering with their mobile phones. The parental control software, available via download,  gives moms and dads the ability to filter, block and monitor mobile usage, including information about every call, text messages being received and websites being visited. Once the software is installed, parents also have the opportunity to set up specific usage restrictions regarding phone numbers, websites and time periods during which the phone can be used. They can also keep close tabs on where their kids are with the software’s GPS tracking feature. MxSpy lets parents review user activity from anywhere with an Internet connection. With the software, all mobile phone activities include a date and time stamp and are searchable by phone number.

The teenagers are constantly on their cell phones. They send dozens of text messages, emails and multimedia files to and from their mobile device on a daily basis. Cell phone parental control software makes it possible for you to know the type of content your child is viewing and lets you see what they are doing on their cell phone. Spy text message without target phone is the best cell phone parental control software because they offer a large selection of parental features, an easy-to-use interface and excellent customer support. This software application is compatible with most smartphones including Android, BlackBerry, Windows and the Apple iPhone.


How to use MxSpy:

– Purchase MxSpy with 3 package available to you choose

– Download and install MxSpy on target phone in few minutes

– Log in your online account from your device to view data.

The using MxSpy Spy text message without target phone will give ability to:

> Record Surroundings

> Control Apps and Programs

> To Have Remote Control of the Phone and more…

> Access all incoming and outgoing calls, record phone calls

> Read all text messages sent/received, even it was be deleted.

> See any files, photos, or videos that are sent or received.

> Access all contacts, calendar, memos, photos, and multimedia that are stored on the device.

> See what websites have been visited.

> Access all chats and social media information that has been shared.

> Use GPS tracking to locate the device in real time on the map.

> Set restrictions for apps, websites, and contacts.

> Key Logger (get password: Facebook, Gmail…)

> Remote access through online control panel

> Send SMS Commands

> We support 24/7

> Etc…..