Effective ways of hacking into facebook account
21 March 2016
Hack Facebook
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Effective ways of hacking into facebook account

Facebook has become the source of a person’s social and private life. Many people post about every small and big thing in their life on this social networking site. There are photos, videos, comments, status updates and much more that can tell you quite a lot about a person. It might seem very complex at first to hack a facebook account. But just a little info about the topic will make you realize how easy it is. You do not need to be a hacker or a computer scientist for this. Just being a little good with the computers is enough. If you fulfill that criterion we can talk about how to hack into a facebook account. So, let’s start.

Do you want hack facebook account?

Phishing attack: You might have heard about this technique of getting someone’s password. It is the most common and most effective way of hacking an account with technical skills. To use this, you need to understand how login systems work. So, when you enter your username and password, the websites takes the info to the database. There it is checked against the info already present there. If it matches, you are allowed to access your account. In a phishing attack, you create a webpage that looks exactly like the real facebook login page. The script for that is easily available on the internet. You can copy and paste the code in a file. You will just have to make one little change and that is entering your email id. Now upload this file to any of the free hosting websites and get a URL for it. Now you can distribute the URL among your friends. When they will click on it, the page will open up. They will think that it is the real facebook page and thus will enter the username and password. When they hit the submit button, the info will be sent to the email id you entered. And that’s how to hack facebook account using a phishing attack.


Key loggers: These are computer apps that if installed will keep a record of every key on the keyboard pressed. This app can be installed on a target computer without the knowledge of the user. You can even set it to send you the record to your email. After it is installed, you will just have to wait a few hours. At some time the user will type facebook.com and then enter the username and password. When you get the record, you can use the info to login to that account. This makes key logger the best facebook hack tool.

Web based tools: If you do not want to hack facebook account and just want specific info, easy to use web based tools can be used. These tools can get your messages, latest activities, friends list and such things. There are several free tools available on the internet for hacking facebook messages, but the free ones are not very reliable. The paid ones are much more accurate.