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Download MxSpy For Android phones and tablets

What’s MxSpy?

MxSpy is a strong tracking system that’s backed by a business who understands your tracking needs as a parent and company owner and knows. This robust tracking applications will monitor all facets of computer task or the users smartphone. After installed, it becomes undetectable to the mobile user, and runs in the background, so your kid is not going to understand they’re being tracked.
MxSpy is user friendly, and simple to install. Tracking contains more, internet history, pictures, videos, e-mail, SMS, Skype, WhatsApp, Keylogger and GPS location. The information that was tracked can be obtained through your MxSpy account.
The service can be found Android, on iPhone. This additional layer of security will ensure the children are where they’re suppose to be, and log all action for screening. We’re unable to constantly be with our kids, and MxSpy can act as our eyes and ears.
Customer service is accessible 24 hours a day by e-mail, live chat, if problems are encountered while using the applications.


Demo :

trial spy app 2

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How it Works

Activation is pretty fast and fairly simple. Installation MxSpy on target phone , sign in or sign up and activation account .Within minutes, connect to with user was sign in you will see all of information from that phone began appearing on my cell phone.

With MxSpy, you’ll be able to:

1. Spy Contacts and Calendar.

All the saved contacts list on the telephone that is android will be uploaded to the MxSpy Control Panel. Additionally, I attempted to add one contact name on the telephone and after several minutes the contact was uploaded. Furthermore, all of the events on the schedule was uploaded to the MxSpy Control Panel.

2. Handle Call.

Call Logs.

In this specific evaluation, I attempted to call the telephone using other telephone and vice versa.
The old Call Logs isn’t deleted. I deleted all the call made new call and logs on the telephone. From the evaluation, the formerly saved call logs on the MxSpy control panel weren’t deleted.
Text messages that are trail

3.Read e-mails ( Incoming / Outgoing E-Mails).

The attribute is used for recording all outgoing and incoming e-mail on the telephone. The MxSpy, nevertheless, will not support other e-mail programs and merely supports Gmail for Android and Mail Program for iOS
All e-mail from the Gmail accounts are retained on the MxSpy Control Panel which is just the same as those on the telephone that was android. Nevertheless, e-mail that used stock email clients programs cannot be read.

4.Monitor GPS Place

Present GPS Place

This attribute is used to understand the coordinate location of the telephone and show it on the Google Map. To get more precise result, make sure that the GPS Satellites placing on the android telephone was activated.

5.Browsing Website Bookmar and History.

The attribute is useful for noticing all previously seen sites as good as all sites that are bookmarked. However, the attribute can just work on the Stock Android Browser.

6. Social Media Spy

MxSpy supported instant messaging programs : Skype, Facebook, WhatssApp, Viber, Snapchat, Line, Telegram, Tinder

Facebook Tracking. The attribute records outgoing and incoming messages from the Facebook Messenger program.

7.Picture and Video Files

All the most recent pictures and videos are uploaded onto the MxSpy Control Panel.

Help and Support.

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