Can you read someones text messages online? Use spy apps
30 March 2016
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Can you read someones text messages online? Use spy apps

Do you think your spouse is cheating on you? Or your son’s mood remains off most often? Are your employees secretly using mobile phones during work? Want to track their devices for monitoring their activities? Well, that’s a fair idea.

But can you read someones text messages online? Yes, it’s possible through spy apps. These applications are used to track the activities an individual performs in his android device. One such app is MxSpy available in its latest version 8.9.

How does MxSpy app work?

  • The customer needs to buy the app using different available packages that best suit their requirements.
  • Install the MxSpy on the device that you want to monitor following the easy process.
  • Upon installation, an account will be created automatically in your Control Panel from where the target device can be tracked. You can log into your account from anywhere with internet connection and access all information you need.

Features of the app:

The MxSpy app is a powerful software used in Android devices and iPhones. It allows users to access information like:

  • Track Location:

The current location of the device can be monitored through GPS along with location history and travel paths.

  • Phone calls:

All call history with exact time, duration, phone numbers, names can be viewed. Even you can see records that have been deleted.

  • Whatsapp chats:

You will also be able to view conversations, photos, videos, audios, profiles, etc. in Whatsapp using MxSpy.

  • Facebook profile:

All activities, conversations, audio files, photographs, etc. in Facebook can be monitored through MxSpy.

Now, can you read someones text messages online? With MxSpy, you can read text messages of built-in application in the target device, even the deleted ones.  The safety factor is that this app maintains confidentiality and works in hidden mode. The target user will be completely unaware of the installation and monitoring.


In case of text messages especially, MxSpy can track:

  1. Inbox and other folders of the target user to check all sent and received messages.
  2. The date and time will also be visible, when the conversations took place.
  3. You can view the entire content of all chats.
  4. You can check the email conversations including exchanged photos.
  5. The app will let you check the contacts details with name and phone number.

Benefits of using this spy app:

If you are a worried parent, then this is the best solution for you. By installing this spy app, you can monitor your children and protect them from any untoward activity. Also in office, if your employees are aware that MxSpy is being used to track them, they won’t do unnecessary mobile usage within the workstation. Again, through the GPS tracker, you can detect the location of a lost device. These are a few to mention.

This spy app is useful in a lot of other ways for keeping an eye on target user.  You don’t have to keep wondering whether can you read someones text messages online or not.

What is the cost of purchasing?

There are different packages which customers can avail according to their necessities. There are some best rated sites online that offer discounts making your purchase an affordable one. It is recommended to check the features properly before choosing a package.