Best free iphone monitoring software
17 March 2016
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Best free iphone monitoring software

Best free iphone monitoring software takes a different tack from the other services reviewed, with its most robust features focused on logging your target’s activity. That’s a fine approach if that’s what you’re looking for in Tracking/Spying Software.

See details how to install MxSpy at:

MxSpy is one of the outstanding Smartphones Tracking And Monitoring Software available now in the market of Spyware Applications for iPhone. It carries the most advanced updates about superior means of staying on track about necessary information and activities your children and loved ones are involved with. Here is a closer look about its specific features. This kind of application allows owners to have the greatest peace of mind since it delivers nothing but the truth about what exactly is going on with your target’s iPhone device.


Best free iphone monitoring software will help you learn about child’s, staff’s smartphone activities. Learn about their calls, text messages and GPS locations by logging into your MxSpy online account from any web browser. And you will able to view all photos taken by the phone too!

MxSpy was the first and remains the premier Monitoring Software for an iPhone operating system. Now you can use the powerful monitoring features of MxSpy after few clicks!

How to use MxSpy:

– Buy MxSpy with 3 packages available to choose from

– Download and install MxSpy on target phone for a few minutes

– Log into your online account from your device to view the data.

The using MxSpy Mobile Spy App will give ability to:

> Access all incoming and outgoing calls.

> Record phone calls

> Read all text messages sent/received, even it was be deleted.

> See any files, photos, or videos that are sent or received.

> Access all contacts, calendar, memos, photos, and multimedia that are stored on the device.

> See what websites have been visited.

> Access all chats and social media information that has been shared.

> Use GPS tracking to locate the device in real time on the map.

> Set restrictions for apps, websites, and contacts.

> Key Logger (get password: Facebook, Gmail…)

> Remote access through online control panel

> Send SMS Commands

> We support 24/7

> ……