A new way to keep someone in your vigilance
21 March 2016
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A new way to keep someone in your vigilance

Before discussing this topic we need to understand what is SMS tracker and how it functions-SMS tracker is a tool or a software that is used for the safety and security of communication, moreover it is also used for spying on someone, usually parents can use it for their kids so that they can keep an eye on their child’s activity and also can be used by a person who have a suspicious partner.

SMS tracker plus makes it possible through a secured web browser interface where you can see the all activity conducted by the person you doubt on.

Features of SMS tracker

It can be installed on the mobile device of the suspicious person or the person you want to have in vigilance.

Usually to spy on someone the invisible SMS tracker is used which does not have any icon on display, but the app is very powerful as it accurately monitors the activity of SMS and outgoing and incoming SMS on a specific device.

There are proper headings of the SMS log and the SMS log shows all the text entered and its details.

The disadvantage of SMS tracker

1.  It can only track the SMS, it cannot give any information about the messages and content sent in email or third party messaging apps like Hike, WhatsApp, Line etc.

2. It can be highly intrusive.

Advantages of SMS tracker

  • Easy to use
  • It consumes very less battery
  • It comes in many varieties and features
  • It has intuitive web interface
  • It is very accurate and very useful
  • It is hidden on display so that person on whom you spy is unable to know anything


Rates of it: 

This type of apps generally provides the free trials of few days, but after that if you need to continue the service, then it is important for you to subscribe to them and it usually provides you the payment methods and options as per monthly, quarterly or yearly subscription.

It is around 10$ to 16$ for a monthly subscription and around 65$ to 100$ for yearly subscription.
It is really useful for parents so that they can know if their kid is falling for bad company so that they can take the steps for saving him and it is specially proved to be good to keep an eye on cheating partner that is why they are very much in demand. It can be very detailed, easy to use in case you want to have an app you can have it from Google play so as from IOS’s app store.

This app itself does not have any real interface for itself, it does have a registered screen.
In some of apps of SMS tracking they do also provide option for location navigation of the person using call gps sms tracker website.

But sadly to search this type of apps are sign of doubt and suspicion which is not good for any relation. It is good when it is used for healthy purpose and good intensions. It can be proven bad if it is used for stealing information for malicious purpose.