3 best SMS tracker to track messages online
21 March 2016
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3 best SMS tracker to track messages online


SMS tracker is a security application used to track text messages, picture messages , calls, websites and locations of targeted phone. There are various message tracker software available in the market suitable for Android, Windows and Ios operating system. They would remotely track sms, messages, calls and browser history. Such tracker will help parents to find out what their children’s are doing and to whom they are speaking to, when you can’t physically see them. Due to the digital age, parents need to have close supervision and vigilance of their children. Concerned parents can use track messages online to monitor children’s online activities and to keep kids safe from the contact of strangers.

Using the application

The application remains pretty straight forward and you have to install the tracker in the device you wish to monitor. It will record all the conversations and messages stored in the file. When you want to view the messages, access to the file locally using email or Bluetooth. The application would remain hidden and no one could able to find it out. Track messages online will show you the details of all the calls received and call done by the target phone. The tracker allows you to read even deleted messages. The best way to start the app is to find an app compatible for your phone and click the open button. Once it gets installed in the target phone, all the activities will be recorded.


3 Best SMS and whats app message tracker

1. MSPY for iPhone and iPad

If you are looking for sms login tracker for your iPhone without jailbreaking your phone, consider purchasing MSPY. There is no need to download spy app by jailbreaking your Apple device. You must have the target mobile user’s iCloud information and make sure iCloud back up is turned on. Next ,you have to log in to your MSPY account and enter the user password of iPhone you wish to monitor. Once you install the software, the sms tracker web login will record text messages, deleted messages, call history, browser history, contacts and notes saved on the iPhone.

2. Mobile Spy for iPhone and Android

Mobile Spy is an app which can be used to monitor any Android or other phone device and it is capable monitoring Whats App messages and other text messages. You can remotely access to all information from the target phone after installing the software. You may use the software to monitor all activities of employee, teenagers, son , wife and husband. It works in invisible mode and you may purchase any plan for a cell phone spy. Download the application and start using it.

3. Highster mobile

It is one of the best sms tracker apps which can be easily installed and doesn’t require any settings to be done. You can view all the text messages and Whats app messages, send and received from the target phone. The program is suitable for Android phones. It charges a one time fee rather than an annual fee.